Roehrenschmiede means ‘The Tube Forge’ and is a small, valve amplifier manufacturer from Krefeld, Germany, who make a handmade and personalised, high end, all-tube stereo amplifier, called Rocket and pre-amp called Comet.

Your Rocket and Comet can be personalised with the choice between different finishes including chrome, high gloss copper, high gloss nickel or even a 24 carat gold plating.  A coating (powder coating) in all RAL colours is also possible. Optional side panels can be made of fine wood, in either lacquered or natural finishes.

Rocket is an ultralinear push-pull amplifier with 2 x 30 watts at 4/8 ohms. The valves are eight EL84 EH and two ECC82 EH. The valves have ceramic tube holders with gold-plated contacts. Other components include Mundorf and Cornell Duplicating Capacitors, Orange Drops and 14-fold nested high-end output transformers, made in Germany.

Comet features four ECC83 EH valves plus two Russian 6N6P for the headphone amplifier and Mundorf and Cornell components, like Rocket. It also has twelve RCA sockets.

Prices start at 3500€ for the Comet pre amp and 3900€ for the Rocket power amplifier.




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