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Only ten units will be available of this piece of audiophile history as Rogers announces a strictly-limited edition of the Rogers E40AiiLE integrated amplifier.

While working at Audio Note, Rogers’ Head of Design unearthed a handful of chassis transformers and PCB’s for this amplifier. “They were just sitting in AudioNote’s store room”, says Andy Whittle, “and it was too good an opportunity to pass up.”

Rogers E40Aii LE Integrated Amplifier

Rogers E40Aii LE Integrated Amplifier


Rogers distributor Retrotone, based in Sittingbourne, bought the components and set about assembling all the parts needed to re-create this classic Rogers E40A from the ’90s. The striking Burgundy finish was chosen to make reference to the vintage Rogers amplifiers from the 1960s.

Rogers E40Aii LE Integrated Amplifier

Only ten will be made of the Rogers E40Aii LE Integrated Amplifier


Originally designed by Audio Note for Rogers, the Limited Edition version is in MkII form and features a revised phase-splitter and driver design featuring a pair of 6SN7 valves and an ECC83. An optional all-valve phono stage, using ECC83 tubes, is available.

“When they’re gone, they truly are gone”, added Andy who now overseas Roger’s loudspeaker and electronics production in the UK, and has recently re-introduced the BBC monitors the brand was famous for.


Pure class A operation 40W per channel

Valves: 6L6GC x 8, 6SN7 x 2, ECC83 x 1

Audio Note design output transformers with 4 & 8 ohm taps

Separate mains transformers for HT & LT supplies

4 line inputs plus tape loop

Phono Stage 2 x ECC83 suitable for MM cartridges. (Optional)

Optional valve MM phono stage available at time of purchase.

Rogers E40Aii LE Integrated Amplifier


The price per unit is £4,999 line only; phono £5,499

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