Rois Acoustics, in cooperation with Audio4Soul, whose digital amp/DAC we reviewed a while ago, has launched rois_acoustics_kalypso_loudspeakerstheir new Kalypso loudspeaker.

Kalypso is an active, one-way loudspeaker, which uses a full range drive unit mounted on a rear horn-loaded cabinet and driven by a built-in true digital amplifier. With a full line of digital inputs (asynchronous 24bit/192kHz USB, coaxial, optical), Kalypso’s remote controlled amplifier combines the operation of a DAC, pre- and power amplifier in a single-stage signal processing unit.  The amplifier is equipped with a series of user selectable digital EQ filters which allow the user to adjust Kalypso’s tonal balance according to the acoustics of the listening room.

Rois Acoustics said “The design philosophy behind the development of Kalypso is that of absolute simplicity and minimal signal path as means to achieve the highest level of naturalness and transparency of sonic reproduction. The single-stage true digital amplifier, the absence of crossover and the non-resonant design of the speaker cabinet ensure that the music information is subjected to the minimum possible processing and degradation during its transformation from raw digital data to final sound”.

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