Roksan have recently launched the Oxygene series of hifi components which the company claims to be totally unique amongst top-end audio. The Oxygene series is being heralded as a truly breakthrough product by Roksan.

The Oxygene range boasts “understated and elegant aesthetics” matched with “simplistic user-friendliness to result in a unique and striking design”. Cast aluminium and very high quality screen printing are creatively used to create a solid and attractive looking chassis which has been designed to blend in with its surroundings yet be “striking and headturning”

The Oxygene range employs touch-sensor operation technology and adorned on the top of each chassis is the logo ‘Less is More’. Touch the word ‘Less’ or ‘More’ on the amplifier and the volume increases or decreases with the relevant word. On the CD player the ‘Less ‘and “’More’ words skip the tracks either forwards or backward.

Whilst the design ethos is simple and elegant there is a plethora of top-spec technology used to make the operational process as easy and enjoyable as possible. As well as traditional stereo inputs, the Oxygene integrated amplifier has built-in Bluetooth receiver technology. This means that you can wirelessly connect any device that holds music and has Bluetooth technology, including iPhones, iPads, smartphones, tablets and computers.  Connection is very flexible and one quote in the press release stands out as being truly innovative – “Imagine you’re at a party where everybody wants to be the DJ. No problem – the world is your oyster! The Oxygene amplifier’s sixteen Bluetooth channels can link as many devices as possible. The first fifteen being individual devices, with the sixteenth being infinite.” Cool!

Hifi Pig will review the Oxygene series of components as soon as they become available.


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  1. A concise, well written and accurate review. First shipment of the Roksan Oxygene to retailers is expected to take place from October 2012.

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