The Roth Sub Zero II builds on the performance of its forebear and aims to deliver great ‘sound per pound’ as well Sub_Zero_II_bas adding the latest audio technology. The Sub Zero II has two built-in Ultra-Bass passive drivers, a pair of high performance bass drivers, and a brace of full-range drivers and has no need for a separate subwoofer.

The 60 watts of peak power Class D amplification provides the brawn for the likes of action movie bangs and crashes, and Roth say the unit is also brings a “deft touch to subtle audio moments, as well as lower volume replay”. An additional DSP setting has been included for music playback and then there’s a third DSP algorithm for voice emphasis, ideal for those who are hard of hearing and need to have clear delivery of news and current affairs programmes. 

£149.00 SRP in UK stores from late November onwards.

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