Kimber Kable UK distributor, Russ Andrews is introducing the new Kimber KS PHONO tone arm cables.

The three model KS PHONO range replaces the previous KS-1216 and KS-1236 cables.

The three cables in the Kimber Kable KS PHONO tonearm cable range

Kimber Select

‘KS’ denotes ‘Kimber Select’ and, reflecting the conventions of other Select lines in the Kimber catalogue, the KS PHONO comes in copper (CU), hybrid copper-silver (HB) and pure silver (AG) variants. Each cable shares a construction methodology based around four 24AWG signal conductors that are insulated with dye-free air articulated PTFE. The CU version uses copper for the four conductors, while the HB and AG models are made using pure silver.

Copper Shield

Shielding surrounds the four conductors and is manufactured using a 44AWG, heavy (8%) silver-plated copper shield. Although Kimber normally specifies pure silver, in this application copper has the advantage that it can be drawn to finer diameters, which gives a greater shield coverage of 95% while retaining cable flexibility. This design is common to all three variants of the KS PHONO.

Kimber KS Phono AG silver cable

The grounding of the CU and HB cables is further enhanced through the use of eight 24AWG pure copper braided conductors, which are bonded to the shield with pure silver foil and silver solder. They are terminated in spade connectors to facilitate attachment to the turntable and accompanying electronics’ grounding terminals. The KS PHONO-AG grounding cables are manufactured using eight 24AWG pure silver conductors.

Russ Andrews

On first hearing the new cables, Russ Andrews, chairman and technical director, commented: “Kimber has done it again! Replacing the existing Select tone arm cables was always going to be a tough job, but I am delighted with the performance of the new KSPHONO range. From the CU version through to the flagship AG, the performance is exemplary, with a very clearly defined reduction in noise and much greater dynamism and musicality. I would commend them to anyone who has a high-end turntable-based system as the best way to get the ultimate performance and musical enjoyment from it.”

Made In The USA

The new cables are hand built at the Kimber factory in Utah, USA, and are finished with hardwood accents in purple heart, bloodwood and ebony according to the model.

Hardwood accents

The Kimber KS PHONO range can be supplied with phono plugs at both ends – WBT 0102Cu for the KS PHONO-CU and WBT 0102Ag for the hybrid and silver cables – or a combination of phono plugs and the traditional straight DIN or 90-degree SME plug for the turntable end.


For 0.75m cables

KS PHONO-CU with WBT 0102Cu phonos both ends £2400

KS PHONO-CU with WBT 0102Cu phonos and DIN plug £2400

KS PHONO-CU with WBT 0102Cu phonos and SME plug £2650

KS PHONO-HB with WBT 0102Ag phonos both ends £5300

KS PHONO-HB with WBT 0102Ag phonos and DIN plug £5300

KS PHONO-HB with WBT 0102Ag phonos and SME plug £5550

KS PHONO-AG with WBT 0102Ag phonos both ends £7400

KS PHONO-AG with WBT 0102Ag phonos and DIN plug £7400

KS PHONO-AG with WBT 0102Ag phonos and SME plug £7650

Other cable lengths are available.

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