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Russ Andrews is introducing the RJ45 MiniZap as the latest product in the company’s range of MiniZap™ filters.

The Russ Andrews RJ45 MiniZap has been designed to “enhance the performance of computer-based audio systems through high-frequency noise reduction”.

Russ Andrews RJ45 MiniZap

Russ Andrews RJ45 MiniZap


Plugged in to a spare RJ45 socket on a router or network switch, or TV, streamer or DAC, this newly developed class of filter is a modified Zobel Network, which has been designed to absorb and dissipate RF and EMI from spikes induced from the AC supply. These spikes are often caused by devices such as wireless networks, which Russ Andrews says makes the MiniZap’s use in streaming audio-based systems particularly relevant.

Russ Andrews claims that the RJ45 MiniZap works at RF and super-high frequencies, and has the effect of reducing the impact of these unwanted noise spikes on the audio bandwidth, without affecting the audio frequencies themselves. Within the custom-designed rear housing, four MiniZap filters are fitted, which are connected to a Telegartner locking RJ45 plug for a robust connection to the socket.


The development of the Zapperators came about as a direct result of work Russ Andrews carried out in the 1990s on the effect of RF and EMI fast spikes on the mains supply, and the audible ‘smothering’ of detail they created in the audio signals. Mains experts Ben Duncan and Paul Houlden created the Zapperators to counter these effects and published their results in the white paper, “A New Zobel Network for Audio”.

Russ Andrews RJ45 MiniZap

Russ Andrews RJ45 MiniZap in use


On the new RJ45 MiniZap, Russ Andrews says, “Computer-based audio is such an important part of today’s hi-fi systems that we felt it important to bring the benefits of our Zapperator technology to this area. The irony is that it was the audible negative effect of having my computer near to my hi-fi that made me realise there was a link between the emissions from devices like this and audio quality.” He adds, “Being able to miniaturise the technology and fit it into an RJ45 plug has revolutionised my enjoyment of computer audio.”


Russ Andrews RJ45 MiniZap is available now, direct from Russ Andrews Accessories and comes with a 25-year warranty and is subject to the company’s standard 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee.

Price   £289

HiFi Pig Says: HiFi tweaks and accessories can often be a bone of contention and cause audiophile disagreements, however, it is good to see that Russ Andrews back up their claims by offering customers a money-back guarantee so you can decide yourself.


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