Finalised just after this years’ Munich High End Show, SCV Distribution is very pleased to announce, with immediate effect, that it has been appointed the UK and Ireland representatives for Novafidelity’s comprehensive range of streaming and digital music storage-based products. This move accompanies the launch of several updated models.

Part of the appeal of the Novafidelity range for SCV was the sheer number of features found in each model, the sound quality and the overall value this represents, we use one of their models in our mid-priced reference system. Across the range, versatile abilities can be found such as; CD-ripping; up to 8GB built in storage; support for all major streaming services (Tidal and Qobuz, etc.); support for all major file formats including Native DSD and MQA; phono input for vinyl playback, plus recording up to 24bit/192khz from any analogue or digital source; HDMI external screen output.

All models utilise the bespoke MusicX control app for iOS and Android and MusicDB, Novafidelity’s system for elegant yet sophisticated music library management. Although each model is capable of managing all music sources through MusicX, MusicDB or webinterace (WebUI), the entire range is also Roon Ready, for those who prefer to use its well-regarded user interfaces and core management system.

New Models

Starting with the entry level ‘all-in-one’ X14 (£649), which features built-in Class D amplification, CD ripping, wired and wireless network and Bluetooth connectivity, plus support for major streaming services – just add speakers!

Further up the range, the pure digital streamer X50D (£1695) adds comprehensive digital outputs, including I²S on RJ45 & HDMI, to the earlier X50 model. It maintains the previously found feature set, with useful abilities such as 16GB raid storage configuration, CD-ripping and digital recording at 24-bit 192khz, built-in DAB radio and much more.

Replacing the well regarded X40 is the X45 (£1999). The X45 takes the existing streamer/DAC format feature set of the X40, whilst adding new functionality and updating the audio specification to offer “even greater audiophile performance”, when streaming or from music database playback. It features a powerful Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor, 16 core multi-controller, Dual ESS ES9018K2M Sabre DAC chips and carefully chosen power components.

The most recent product release is the X45Pro (£4999), “a truly world-class streaming product designed at a new price point for Novafidelity.” The X45Pro is essentially the same as the X45, in terms of format and functionality, “but super-charges the specification to offer audio performance which promises to be nothing short of spectacular.” The X45Pro utilises a high-performance Quad Core ARM Cortex A9 processor, 16 Core Microcontroller with Advanced RISC Architecture, OPA627BP Precision High-Speed Operational Amplifier, alongside the SABRE PRO Flagship ES9038PRO DAC chip, offering supporting up to PCM 768Khz and native DSD512. The specially considered power circuit and components ensure a stable and noise free environment to compliment these upgraded specifications, enabling the X45Pro to convey an effortlessly dynamic and engaging musical performance. To finish, the beautiful housing is made entirely of precisely crafted CNC, glass-sanded aluminium.

UK RRPs (without storage):

  • N15D – £629 Inc. VAT. Available in black or silver finish
  • X14 – £649 Inc. VAT. Available in black finish
  • X35 – £1695 Inc. VAT. Available in black or silver finish
  • X50D – £1745 Inc. VAT. Available in black or silver finish
  • X45 – £1999 Inc. VAT. Available in black or silver finish
  • X45PRO – £4999 Inc. VAT. Available in black or silver finish

Formatted and installed storage:

2TB HDD – £100 | 4TB HDD – £150 | 500GB SSD – £200 | 1TB SSD – £350.

Wireless USB dongle – £35 (included with X14, optional on all other models)

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