roksponsmallSCV have announced a new DAC from Benchmark Media Systems, the DAC3.

Implementing the latest ESS Technologies ES9028PRO DAC chip, Benchmark is once more raising the bar for the performance DAC market says the company’s recent press release. The DAC3 retains the form factor of the DAC2, including HGC, L and DX versions in sliver or black, but achieves some considerable performance improvements.dac3_hgc_silver_remote_1x1_c606a7a8-e402-45ac-9231-fe2eaf70f8dc_1024x1024

In the DAC3, Benchmark uses the following techniques to maximise the performance of the ES9028PRO:

  • 4:1 channel summing – improves the SNR by 6 dB
  • External I-V converters – lower noise and lower distortion
  • Precision differential amplifier – removes common-mode distortion
  • Very low noise voltage regulator – Benchmark discrete design reduces noise and distortion
  • UtraLock3jitter attenuation – virtually perfect jitter rejection
  • 211 kHz Upsampling – eliminates time-domain errors caused by the D/A conversion chip
  • High-headroom DSP – eliminates clipping of intersample peaks
  • 6-layer circuit board with external ground planes – reduces noise and provides RF shielding


RRP prices in the UK will be as follows.

DAC3L (no headphone amp) – RRP £2099inc VAT

DAC3DX (no preamp, pro features) – RRP £2199inc VAT

DAC3HGC (headphone amp and pre) – RRP £2349inc VAT

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