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Sendy Audio Peacock Open-Back Planar Magnetic Over-Ear Headphones Released

Sendy Audio, quite a new name in headphone audio from China, has released a new high-end headphone, the Sendy Audio Peacock. We recently reviewed the Sendy Audio Aviva headphones and were very impressed.

The Sendy Audio Peacock is an open-back, planar magnetic, over-ear headphone, made from wood. The Peacock is designed to be comfortable over extended listening times and its drivers feature a large 88mm diameter film. The diaphragm is made of an ultra-thin and high rigidity composite material.

Sendy Audio Peacock Headphones

The Sendy Audio Peacock Headphones


The planar magnetic driver in the Sendy Audio Peacock is made of double magnets and double coils so there is a coil on each side of the diaphragm. The composite diaphragm was chosen after more than two years of experiments and can extend the frequency to be 40KHz

Sendy Audio Peacock Headphones

The Sendy Audio Peacock Headphones are Planar magnetic and open-backed

The driver housing is made of aviation-grade aluminium, formed with precise CNC machining. Each row of holes is responsible for the uniform distribution of sound in each frequency.


The headband is an ergonomic design made of goatskin, along with the earpads which are made of goatskin and memory foam.

The grille on the headphone housing is designed like a peacock spreading its tail, hence the name. All the gold parts on the headphone housing are 24K gold plated and the wooden headphone housing is made by precise CNC carving.

We currently have a pair of the Peacock headphones in for review so will be following our Sendy Audio Aviva review with our thoughts on these.

Sendy Audio Peacock Headphones

The Sendy Audio Peacock Headphones with cables and connectors


$1,499 USD

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