SEPEA Audio, of Slovakia, is manufacturing new Stellavox PRO State-of-the-art Professional Reel-To-Reel Tape Recorders.

They renovate, refurbish and repair vintage Reel to Reel machines, including Stellavox recorders, offer spare parts, audio upgrades, and accessories.

Stellavox PRO TD9 Reel To Reel

SEPEA Audio launched the production of the Stellavox PRO RD9 tape recorder according to the original company documents, drawings, and documentation. Some parts come from the original Swiss Stellavox production, as they bought remaining stock. These are combined with newly manufactured parts. SEPEA has managed to contact the original producers, who make particular parts to order for SEPEA Audio’s needs. Where the former manufacturer no longer exists, parts are manufactured according to original drawings and material specifications.


In the near future, a range of accessories will also be available. including, L-shaped wooden side panels, trolley stand, VU meter bridge, legs for horizontal operation of the device, and also a rack-mount. A number of different adapter types for audio or film tapes are available in stock.

As many years have passed since the end of the original production and technical progress has advanced, SEPEA say there is space for further upgrades and improvements of the original design, they will gradually introduce them into production.

Price & Availability

Stellavox PRO TD9 1/4″ Reference Professional Reel Tape Recorder – new production €33000

Stellavox PRO TD9 1/2″ Reference Professional Reel Tape Recorder – new production €36000

Stellavox PRO TD9 Custom Reference Professional Reel Tape Recorder – new production. The modular concept of this device allows you to create almost any combination of individual options, according to your requirements. When using magnetic film of wider than 16 mm, a chassis with more powerful spooling motors is used. It is also possible to synchronize the recorder with other equipment using a time code or a pilot signal, whether in Master or Slave mode. POA

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