On 24th of March in Trstenik, Serbia, at the headquarters of Supreme-Analog, there will be presentation of Serbian Hifi scene. Some of the brands will be well known to you, but there are also many brands that those of us outside of Serbia have yet to discover…safe to say, the Serbian Hifi scene looks very lively and highly interesting, with lots of new and intriguing products.

On show will be new speakers, electronics, cables, tonearms, headphone amps, plus many other premieres from the United Serbian Manufacturers of Hifi Equipment.

Master of ceremonies will be Scepan Vujisic and the following companies will be participating.

Auris audio from Trstenik (Tube electronics and tube headamp, tube CD player)

Beyond Frontiers Audio (BFA) from Novi Sad (Hybrid electronics and DAC)

Big electronic system from Zemun (Analogue Phase preamp corrector, Hifi shelf)

DIY speaker shop from Krusevac (Cartridges, turntable accessories and cables)

DR Cables from Novi Sad (Speaker cables, RCA & XLR cables)

Kabel Master from Arandjelovac (Power strip and Power Cables)

Korato from Belgrade (Electronics, phono preamp)

Miraudio from Belgrade (Tube electronics, integrated amp, tube DAC)

Solaja audio from Belgrade (Tube electronics, phono preamp)

Supreme-Analog from Trstenik (Gala speakers, Tangenta tonearm, modified Garard 301 in Supreme-Analog plinth)

Trafomatic from Mladenovac (Tube electronics)

For more information on this and many other Hifi Show and Hifi Events, worldwide, check out the Hifi Pig Hifi Diary!




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