Dutch cable brand Siltech has released the Siltech Classic Legend Series of cables.

Classic Legend is a revision of Siltech’s Classic Anniversary Series, first launched in 1997. It has since grown to become their best-selling product line. The Classic series has gone through two additional revisions since 1997, the first in 2005 and then in 2008, all of which laid the foundation for the new Classic Legend series.

Siltech Classic Legend Series Cables

Siltech Classic Legend Series Cables


New innovations include the latest development of Siltech’s Silver-Gold alloy, now called G9. Siltech says that G9 has better conductive qualities and improved cable run-in times, meaning far less time is needed for the conductors and insulators to achieve their optimum performance. Classic Legend also utilizes technologies originally developed for Siltech’s reference Crown Series: employing a new, three-layer insulator approach consisting of Teflon combined with PEEK (polyether ether ketone). Siltech’s research has found that combining specific insulation materials can deliver significant reductions in distortion and improvements in sound. These multiple layers possess unique properties such as superior thermal stability and physical ruggedness during production and over the life of the cable, as well as better electrical shielding at audio frequencies and beyond.

Siltech Classic Legend Series Cables

Siltech Classic Legend Series features digital and analogue interconnects, ground, speaker, and power cables


A third improvement found in Classic Legend is the use of substantially larger conductors. On average, these conductors are approximately double those of the previous generation’s cables. Larger conductors contribute to lower resistance throughout the length of the cable and greater current carrying capacity when necessary.

The Siltech Classic Legend Series includes digital and analogue interconnects, grounding cable, speaker cable and power cords.

Siltech Classic Legend Series Cables

Siltech Classic Legend Series Cables are made in the Netherlands


Monarch Systems Ltd, Siltech’s USA distributor, expects the new Classic Legend series to continue to serve as the core of Siltech’s cable line-up by offering an important cable solution between their more affordable Explorer offerings and the flagship Royal Signature and Triple Crown series for the more fully invested enthusiast.

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