Toronto area audio company, Six Acoustic, has launched its new phono preamp claiming that “it could be the best phono preamp in town… maybe the world”. The York “Ultra” High Fidelity Phono Preamp purports to be “a competitive piece of gear offering performance in line with elite, high-end equipment for audiophiles and enthusiasts”.

Housed in an anodised aluminium chassis, the York has a pared-back and understated look. “The look of some current audio tech reminds me of franken-instrumentation my dad used to build for his own lab use,” says company founder Steve Meszlenyi, “…that’s not the look or feel we want”.

​Six Acoustic York

The York claims distortion below 0.001% and adherence to the RIAA equalisation standard. Six Acoustic attests that the highs sparkle, the lows are tight, and the silences are of the darkest night. This low profile instrument offers an ease of use for enthusiasts rediscovering vinyl and a suite of load control options for experienced users. It has adjustable gain settings for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges.

Power And Headphone Amps

Six Acoustic has plans to unveil some interesting new audio devices in the coming year with an emphasis on precision, performance, and signal transparency. High power and headphone amps are already in the works. Although new in name, the company brings decades of audio industry experience to bear in its quest to expand the breadth and reach of Canadian made audio tech.


The York phono preamp is available at a pre-order discount of 349 Canadian $ until they ship in July. Usual price C$429.

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