The SOtM sCLK-OCX10 Master Clock Generator is now available for order.

The sCLK-OCX10 is a master clock generator that produces a high purity 10 MHz clock signal.

SOtM (Soul Of the Music) told us: “Normally a clock signal is an angled square digital signal, but the sCLK-OCX10 is different. It produces a pure analogue sine wave of 10 MHz, and this sinusoidal clock signal is the method applied for the best signal reproduction. This is because of reduced noise compared of the analogue sine wave compared to the angled square digital clock signal. To make this possible, the sCLK-OCX10 consists of only analogue circuitry which contains 10 years of know-how from SOtM”.


  • 10.000MHz sine wave clock output
  • All Isolated clock output
  • 50Ω(optional75Ω) BNC connector x 4
  • Extremely ultra low phase noise
  • Ultra low regulator circuit
  • Temperature stability : ±2E-9

Tech spec:

User interface

Operating indicator LED x1

Output clock signal

Frequency : 10.000MHz sine wave

Output level : 13dBm(2.825Vp-p@50Ω), ±2dBm

All isolated clock output

Output connector

50Ω BNC connector x 4

Optional 75Ω BNC connector available

Typical Phase noise(dB/Hz) of internal OSC

10Hz : -140 >

100Hz : -160 >

1KHz : -165 >

10KHz : -165 >

100KHz : -165 >

Temperature stability(0 to +50℃, Ref : 25℃,)


DC power input

Input voltage : 12Vdc

Voltage tolerance: -0.05Vdc, +0.5Vdc,

Input current : 2A max

5.5mm OD, 2.1mm ID adaptor jack

Operating environment

Operating temperature : +10 ~ +30℃

Storage temperature : 0 ~ +40℃

Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%


106 x 48 x 245(mm)


1.5Kg >


Available in the UK  from Elite Audio Price: £3,099.

The first 100 units of the sCLK-OCX10 ordered (worldwide) will come with a free sPS-500 Power Supply valued at £550.


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