SOtM have announced the worldwide release of their dCBL-CAT7 and the iSO-CAT6 Special Edition which are designed to be used together.

The dCBL-CAT7 cable is said to provide “stable, ultra-high speed transmission with excellent sound characteristics”.sotmcable1

The Filter Block on the dCBL-CAT7 is a new addition and is designed to “eliminate the wide band digital noise inflowing from the router or NAS interfering with audio signals”.

The iSO-CAT6 Special Edition is configured with 3 kinds of network cables which the company say “offer respectively different sound characteristics with high quality, which allows the user organize own unique customized audio system selecting bright & pompous tone, neutral, mild & comfortable tone”.sotm2

The length starts from 1.5M as standard and longer than 5.5m of dCBL-CAT7 is also available.

dCBL-CAT7 1.5M(Standard) : US$500 dCBL-CAT7 2.5M : US$600

dCBL-CAT7 3.5M : US$700 dCBL-CAT7 4.5M : US$800

dCBL-CAT7 5.5M : US$900

The iSO-CAT6 Special Edition comes with 3 different network cables, they are distinguished by black, dark grey and grey colour, the standard length is 50cm and can’t be changed.

dCBL-CAT7 1.5M with iSO-CAT6 Special Edition : US$1,100

dCBL-CAT7 2.5M with iSO-CAT6 Special Edition : US$1,200

dCBL-CAT7 3.5M with iSO-CAT6 Special Edition : US$1,300

dCBL-CAT7 4.5M with iSO-CAT6 Special Edition : US$1,400

dCBL-CAT7 5.5M with iSO-CAT6 Special Edition : US$1,500


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