Soulution is the first high end electronics manufacturer in the world to license “Leedh Processing” for its D/A converters 560 and 760. “Leedh Processing” is an algorithm for increasing or decreasing the volume level of a digital music signal.

Soulution told us: “The patented “Leedh Processing” algorithm does this without adding any artefacts to the digital music signal. No information will be lost while adjusting the volume. This results in revealing even thinnest details and a tremendous richness of micro dynamics otherwise unavailable from digital music playback and usually associated with analog/vinyl music reproduction. Existing units of 760 and 560 can be upgraded for the new “Leedh Processing” volume control feature”.

“Leedh Processing” has been invented by Gilles Millot of Acoustical Beauty, a French niche manufacturer of high end loudspeaker systems who already holds several patents for his innovative designs and technologies. The creator says that the algorithm is not limited to applications in high end audio. It will also have uses in more mass market products or even in applications outside audio.



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