SoundSpace Systems is a small, German, loudspeaker manufacturer. Their latest speaker development is the addition of the Klanghorn, which is milled from a solid block of resonant wood.

The SoundSpace Systems Klanghorn has no parallel surfaces and the sound channel becomes conically larger and larger.

SoundSpace Systems Klanghorn

SoundSpace Systems told us: “The result is not only a beautiful look and feel but also the sound optimization speaks for itself. When a sound wave moves through the horn, it causes the resonators to vibrate. This restores subtle tones, in particular, the overtones, which complete the entire sound image and allow all tones of the music to unfold. In this way, the sound horn achieves the highest precision, clarity and incredible sound volume in all music genres. Even at higher volumes, the sound stays clear and distortion-free and the dynamics are not disturbed”.


The solid sound horn is an additional element that can be optionally installed on their loudspeakers and is priced at 3,200€, the speakers pictured are 57,000€ including the Klanghorns.

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