Studio Connections has announced its ‘Black Star’ power, interconnect, digital and speaker cable system.

Designer Michael Whiteside says “Good cable is not just about achieving a slight bonus in sound quality. Your cabling is in fact the foundation and the structure of your system. Without a highly stable structure as well as fast signal connections in a system, it will be impossible to reproduce realistic sound or to hear your components performing to specification”.

Michael, who has a long background in recording studio engineering, goes on to explain “When equipment is connected together, there are always interactions that create disturbance such as eddy currents or signal reflections from impedance mismatches. Left unchecked, these disturbances  saturate audio signal detail and mask the resolution of components, and the system as a whole. By providing a stable, underlying structure that directly combats these disturbances, whilst also providing very high speed interconnectivity, Black Star uniquely comes into its own”.

Matt Coulton of Alchemy Mastering reports “Studio Connections ‘Black Star’ is the cleanest, clearest sounding cable, and imparts less of itself on the audio signal than anything else that I’ve heard, and that’s what its bringing to my studio.”

Available from 10/05/2017





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