SVS 1000 Pro Series subwoofers are an upgrade over their predecessors with flagship features.

SVS 1000 Pro Series Subwoofers

Sealed cabinet SB-1000 Pro and ported cabinet PB-1000 Pro have many new features including all-new 12-inch high-excursion drivers, Sledge STA-325D amplifier with fully discrete MOSFET output, 50 MHz Analog Devices DSP, reimagined cabinet designs, and the SVS subwoofer control smartphone app.

SVS 1000 Pro Series Subwoofers

SVS 1000 Pro Series Subwoofers, PB-1000

Sledge Amplifier

Powering the 1000 Pro Series is a Sledge STA-325D amplifier that combines the high current output of discrete MOSFETs with Class D efficiency and 325 watts RMS and 820+ watts peak power.


Harnessing the power of the Sledge amplifier is a 50 MHz Analog Devices Audio DSP with 56-bit filtering.

SVS 1000 Pro Series Subwoofers

SVS 1000 Pro Series Subwoofers rear view


Drivers in the SVS 1000 Pro subwoofers are completely new designs. The proprietary SVS design features a dual ferrite magnet motor assembly with long-throw parabolic surround. A lightweight and rigid aluminium vented cone with composite fibre dustcap moves large amounts of air.

Ultra Subwoofers

Launched originally with the flagship SVS 16-Ultra subwoofers, the 1000 Pro also features convenient control and custom presets via the SVS subwoofer DSP smartphone app for Apple, Android and Amazon devices. The SVS app is the most convenient way to control volume, access multiple DSP functions and program custom presets for one-touch tuning optimized for music, movies, gaming, and more. Uses can also adjust crossover frequencies, a three-band parametric EQ, polarity, room gain and more.

SVS 1000 Pro Series Subwoofers

SVS 1000 Pro Series Subwoofers, SB-1000


The SVS 1000 Pro Series are built with an extra thick MDF front baffle and rigid internal bracing to support the drive unit and to ensure an acoustically inert environment.

Price And Specifications

SVS SB-1000 Pro: Sealed Cabinet Subwoofer

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 270Hz +/-3 dB

Premium Black Ash – $499.99, Piano Gloss Black/Piano Gloss White – $599.99

SVS PB-1000 Pro: Ported Cabinet Subwoofer

Frequency Response: 17Hz to 260Hz +/-3dB (standard mode) 19Hz to 260Hz +/-3dB (sealed mode)

PB-1000 Pro: Premium Black Ash – $599.99

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