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New brand Syng has launched their first speaker, Syng Cell Alpha, which they say is the worlds first Triphonic speaker.

Syng was founded by Christopher Stringer, who spent over twenty years working as an Apple industrial designer, and Damon Way, co-founder of skate shoe brand DC Shoes and a pioneer of artistic collaborations.

Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker

The Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker with desktop stand

The Syng Cell Alpha is the brand’s flagship product and offers varied options for placement, display, connection, and use. The speaker can be used on its own or multiple Cells can work together in a Smart Audio system.


Syng say that their hardware is durable and made with a construction approach that allows for repairs, should listeners ever need one. At the same time, ‘forward-thinking’ software means new features and capabilities are always on the horizon and that the Syng experience will continue to “evolve, expand, and advance, with no planned obsolescence”.

Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker

The Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker with floor stand


The Syng Cell Alpha is 300mm in diameter and weighs 5.8kg and can be mounted on either a table or floor stand. Inside the Syng Cell Alpha there are two woofers in opposing configuration and sandwiched in between is the Triphone, which is a circular array of three horn-loaded drivers, tightly packed into the Core of Cell Alpha. Each horn contains a concentric pair of midrange and treble drivers, joining the subwoofers in a full-range three-way configuration. The spherical Cell emits sound as a single point source.

Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker

The Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker features a Triphone mid/tweeter horn loaded array

There are also three microphones for automatic room equalization and multi-Cell geometry calculation if you are using more than one in a room.


The driving technology of Syng is Triphonic sound, which the brand describes as “an all-inclusive audio solution that turns listening into feeling”. They go on to say: “With Triphonic technology, the Cell turns your space into a field of clear, detailed sound – a fully immersive experience that puts you inside your favourite music and entertainment”.

Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker

Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker


The Syng experience is brought to life by Syng Space, the mobile app that will expand capabilities over time and allows listeners to explore new ways to “choreograph their own audio experiences”. The app is currently available for iOS with an Android version soon to be released.

Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker

The Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker can work on its own or with several speakers


Current connectivity is with AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, USB Audio in and HDMI Audio Return Channel (ARC), dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth LE.

Syng Cell Alpha Triphonic Speaker


The Syng Cell Alpha starts at $1799 USD

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