To mark its fortieth anniversary, the German HiFi brand T+ A has announced the launch of their Solitaire CWT 1000-40 loudspeakers.

The baffle of the CWT 1000-40 Anniversary Edition is machined from solid aluminium, there’s an electrostatic treble unit and mid-range drivers and bass units have been further improved and now have lower resonant frequencies. The cabinet walls and internal cavities are created from multi-layer laminated wood panels, employing materials of differing density to significantly increase the rigidity of the cabinet. Multiple applications of priming lacquer are sanded between coats before the final lacquer is applied and hand-polished. The carbon finish is not just for aesthetics but also achieves enormous rigidity and freedom from resonance. In this process, carbon fabric is laminated to the surfaces under high pressure and sealed several times in layers with PU special lacquer before the final lacquer is applied. The substantial, solid aluminium baseplates are fitted with heavy-duty spikes. The top cover and the lateral bass driver covers are also produced from solid aluminium.

The SOLITAIRE CWT 1000-40 Anniversary Edition is available now at selected T+A retailers specialising in the SOLITAIRE® series, with an SRP of £46,000 / €49,000.



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