SACD is currently experiencing what can only be termed as a renaissance all over the world. As the revival of Vinyl has shown, there is an undeniable charm in owning a tangible data medium with audiophiles particularly still wishing to play music from CD and SACD. For that reason, T+A has developed the MP 3100 HV multi-media player, featuring a new disc mechanism incorporating the latest decoder technology.

Also included is T+A’s high-res streaming board, which provides maximum resolution as well as the facility to access various music services (Tidal, Quboz and Deezer), Internet radio, home network via LAN and WLAN, USB Master Mode and HD streaming from network servers. The MP 3100 HV tuner offers FM, FM-HD and DAB+ capability, whilst a high-quality Bluetooth streaming module enables wireless playback from mobile devices.

The MP 3100 HV can carry out the full signal processing of DSD bitstream and PCM data to, say T+A “impeccable standards”. The sound quality of any digital source is dependent on the quality of the digital signal processing and the overall converter design. In both these areas, this Multi Source SACD-Player offers solutions based on T+A key technologies, designed in-house.

Depending on the incoming data format, the signals from the players’ digital sources, both external and internal, pass through one of two completely separate signal paths, each fully optimised exclusively for that signal type (DSD or PCM). After the two separate converters, the following analogue section is constructed on the T+A fully symmetrical double mono principle, which characterises the HV-Series. The inclusion in the home network via LAN and WLAN, USB Master Mode and HD streaming from network servers is also possible. The tuner offers FM, DAB+ and HD radio FM (USA) capability. The MP 3100 HV also includes a Bluetooth streaming module for transferring music from mobile devices. The Player, or even an entire HV system, is controlled using the FD 100 radio remote control handset or the T+A Control App.

The MP 3100 HV will be available from the middle of April 2017 with a UK SRP of £12,690.00 from T+A authorised distribution partners and specialist dealers.





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