T+A have combined their E series PA 1000 E analogue integrated amplifier with a DAC to make one device, the PA 1100 E, which has both analogue and digital inputs and converts digital audio signals into analogue signals via the high-resolution, linear 32-bit D/A converter.

The newly developed Digital Connecting Board adds four high-quality digital SP/DIF inputs, a computer USB input and an aptX® Bluetooth module to the PA 1100 E’s analogue inputs. The USB input is intended for streaming music files from a computer, it can process data rates up to 32-bit / 384 kHz for PCM and DSD 256 (12 MHz). The “advanced segment“ DAC is equipped with PLL clock resynchronization to minimize jitter and all external disturbances.

Digital Oversampling

For digital oversampling, the PA1100E features a standard FIR filter as well as T+A Bezier oversampling, which, say T+A, “guarantees lifelike, unadulterated reconstruction of the analogue signal without digital artifacts”. All digital signal processing takes place in highly accurate floating-point arithmetic on a freely programmable high-performance DSP. The four SP/DIF digital inputs (coax at 192 kHz and optical at 96 kHz) can be used to enable external sources to be converted by the integral DAC.

Pre Amplifier

The pre-amplifier of the PA 1100 E is a crucial element in determining the sonic characteristics of the amplifier as a whole, and for this reason T+A’s development aim was “absolute neutrality, superb musical fidelity and outstanding dynamic characteristics”. A Flat switch is present, which entirely removes the tone controls and loudness function from the signal path.

An optional HDMI module with two HDMI inputs and one HDMI output with ARC support allows TVs and Blu-ray players to be connected directly to the PA 1100 E. An optional phono module is also available for vinyl fans.

Available in black or silver, the T+A PA 1100 E costs from just under 3900€. UK pricing is £3,660. The optional HDMI card is £390.

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