Technical Audio Devices Laboratories, Inc. (TAD Labs) has released their new CE1 speaker which sits in their Evolution Series.  TADCE&Designed and developed entirely in-house, the CE1 inherits the technology from the R1 (Reference Series).

Andrew Jones, Director and Chief Engineer for TAD said “TAD’s philosophy has always encompassed the belief that audiences should be able to access the richest and purest sound experience possible in their own home environment.  Adding the CE1 to the Evolution Series is an important extension of our line-up that provides us the opportunity to take the most discerning of audiophiles on a true sensory experience from sound to source”.

These speakers have the option of two different side frame colours, black or white and the aluminium panels are also available in either silver or grey.

The new CE1 sports CST (Coherent Source Transducer), a coaxial Driver with Beryllium Tweeter and Magnesium Midrange lies at the heart of the Evolution Series and was developed from the Reference Series. TAD say this arrangement gives “highly improved imaging and a more consistent sound throughout an entire listening room”. The design provides a point of source of sound from 250Hz to 100kHz, enabling matched arrival time of midrange and tweeter sounds.

In addition the new speakers have a MACS (Multi-layered Aramid Composite Shell) woofer, a one-piece cone construction and bidirectional ADS (Aero Dynamic Slot) port system.

The speakers’ SILENT (Structurally Inert Laminated Enclosure Technology) enclosure features a framework of high rigidity birch plywood combined with MDF for a high internal loss, achieving an enclosure that combines high strength with low resonance.  10mm thick aluminium panels are attached to the left and right side of the speaker cabinet to further reduce resonances.

The central section of the cabinet is finished in a wood grain, tropical olive wood veneer with a highly transparent protective layer.  The side frames with integrated aluminium panels allow the future introduction of cosmetic variations.

The exclusive, custom designed TAD-ST2 speaker stand is a natural extension of the CE1, both in terms of performance and aesthetics.  Available separately and is finished in a stylish combination of black matte and piano coating.  A white version of the stand will be available in the future.


Type                                                    3 way, base reflex, bookshelf

Speaker Structure                                3 way system

Woofer                                                18cm cone type

Midrange/Tweeter                               Coaxial 14cm cone type/3.5cm dome type

Reproduction frequency band             34Hz-100kHz

Crossover frequency                           250Hz, 2kHz

Output sound pressure level               85dB (2.83 V-1m)

Maximum input                                   200W

Normal impedance                             4Ω

Unit polarity                                        Low range (+) , middle range (+), high range (+)

External dimension                             290mm (w) x 524mm (h) x 446mm (d)

Weight                                                30kg

Accessories                                        Shorting link cable x 2, cleaning cloth


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