Meridian has introduced the latest generation of the 808, specifically developed to render the very best sound from Compact Disc and network audio. In addition, the 808v6 now decodes Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) sources.2857-Meridian 808 Head On

Part of the Reference 800 Series, the 808v6 is the highest performance CD Player ever manufactured by Meridian. The latest edition offers several significant improvements including the decoding and rendering of MQA sources to deliver studio quality reproduction via both digital and analogue outputs.

Meridian strongly believes that CD remains a significant music source, with an impressive depth of recorded catalogue. All the more reason, then, for the company to continue its quest to make Compact Disc replay sound the very best it possibly can.2857-Meridian 808 Rear

Meridian 808v6 Signature Reference Compact Disc Player – New Features

Built-in MQA decoder – fully supports Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) encoded music playback, guaranteeing a studio master quality experience

Upgraded S/PDIF and USB receivers – enables USB and RCA inputs to receive up to 192 kHz digital audio

Enhanced DSP chip – offers lip-sync control, DSD playback (DoP) and MQA rendering capability for analogue outputs. The analogue outputs also feature Bass, Treble and Balance Controls

Improved analogue output card – features an upgraded circuit with filtering that broadens the bandwidth, and maximises the potential of high-resolution music2857-Meridian 808-3-4

Product Highlights

Audiophile CD Player incorporating full controller/preamp functionality with Meridian technology including ROM drive, triple FIFO buffering and DSP apodising upsampling filter to deliver the best possible “high definition” sound from the popular CD medium

Advanced S/PDIF receiver enables Meridian SpeakerLink interconnection for superb quality: twin outputs for simple, robust “home run” installation

Unique proprietary ‘apodising’ upsampling filter provides audibly enhanced performance

Direct connection to a Meridian Sooloos System for the highest possible sound quality digital media playback, with direct Play Queue control

Advanced linear power supply

Available in Black and the complete range of 270 Meridian Select colours

RRP £11,000


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Quad continues to mark its 79th year with the arrival of Artera, their new range of high-performance audio electronics. First to arrive are the Artera Play and Artera Stereo; the Play is a CD player, DAC and preamplifier combined in a single chassis, while the Stereo is a power amplifier sporting Quad’s famous Current Dumping technology.4158_Artera_Play_and_Stereo_(black)

Quad gave its team of designers and engineers a specific brief for Artera: “combine the qualities that have made Quad one of Britain’s most revered hifi marques for many decades with fresh industrial design and the very latest high-performance audio technologies”. To this end, Quad enlisted the help of Rodney Mead, the man responsible for the styling of many classic Quad products in the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s, to brainstorm design concepts that would lead to Artera.

Artera have a textured aluminium front panel, thick glass top and CNC-routed heat sinks on either side. The housing provides a rugged structure that resists interference from external vibrations, and the Artera Play’s fascia incorporates a touch-sensitive control.

Quad Artera Play 

At the heart of the Artera Play nestles the ESS Sabre32 9018; a 32-bit, eight-channel hybrid multi-bit Delta-Sigma DAC. This is Quad’s first component to utilise the ESS Sabre DAC, and external digital sources can benefit from it via a range of digital inputs. These include USB, with support for PCM data up to 32-bit/384kHz and also DSD64/128/256.4162_Artera_Play_(black)

For CD replay, a new slot-loading mechanism buffers data from the disc before feeding it asynchronously (in order to minimise ‘jitter’) to the DAC section. Four digital filter options enable users to tailor the Artera Play’s sound, with both CDs and external digital sources, to suit personal taste and the nature of the source material.4161_Artera_Play_(rear)

The Artera Play’s preamp section boasts a balanced Class A output stage. Two coaxial and two optical inputs cater for external digital sources alongside the USB input, with a pair of RCA phono inputs handling analogue sources. Analogue outputs are supplied in both single-ended RCA and balanced XLR varieties; a pair of digital outputs (optical and coaxial) and a 12V trigger output complete a comprehensive array of connectivity options.

Quad Artera Stereo 

This compact yet potent power amp sports the latest iteration of Quad’s famous Current Dumping topology, first introduced in the Quad 405 – one of the most lauded British audio components of all time and still the only amp design to have earned a Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement.

Current Dumping is essentially a method of marrying Class A amplification with the greater efficiency of Class AB. A high-quality, low-power Class A amplifier provides the signal quality, while a high-power current dumping section delivers the muscle to keep the speakers under control. These two amp circuits are combined via a network to impose the finesse of the Class A output onto the power of the current dumper.4171_Artera_Stereo_(black)

The Artera Stereo’s power output is conservatively rated at 140W per channel into eight ohms and 250W into four ohms, ensuring any speakers – including Quad’s classic ESL electrostatic designs – can be driven with ease. Connectivity options comprise single-ended RCA and balanced XLR inputs, a 12V trigger input and high-quality speaker binding posts.4168_Artera_Stereo_(rear)

Speaking about the inspiration behind Quad’s new Artera range, Peter Comeau, Director of Acoustic Design at Quad’s parent company IAG, commented:

“The traditional spirit of Quad has always been to cater for the latest developments in music storage and playback, whilst continually striving to meet the standards inherent in the company’s motto, ‘the closest approach to the original sound’. Thus, the Artera series of components includes full digital and analogue playback capabilities with the resolution and accuracy to replay all current and future high-resolution audio sources with the most musical presentation.

“However, today’s consumers are often bewildered and confused by the multiplicity of inputs and controls on modern hi-fi equipment. At Quad, we have never believed that you have to be a ‘hi-fi geek’ to be able to play music at the highest performance level. Artera therefore simplifies the user interface, leaving an uncluttered appearance that is welcoming to all users as well as looking beautiful in the home.”

The Artera Play and Artera Stereo are available now, with a choice of black or silver front panels and RRPs of £1,399.95 and £1,499.95 respectively.


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Audiolab has announced the hotly anticipated successor to the 8200CD, the 8300CD, which is the first model of their all new 8300 Series.  The outgoing 8200 Series contained two CD players: the 8200CD and 8200CDQ, the latter sporting additional preamp facilities.  The 8300CD replaces both players, adding full digital preamp functionality (among other things) to the 8200CD’s specification.  In an age of streaming and downloads, Audiolab say that ‘many music fans have large CD collections and this will not change anytime soon’. They are ‘dedicated to ensuring that these individuals continue to be well served with CD players of exceptional quality, but without exceptionally high price tags.’4086_Audiolab_8300CD_(silver)

The new model builds on the foundations of the 8200CD and 8200CDQ and retains many of their features, such as the 32-bit ESS Sabre DAC and the Class A analogue stages and sophisticated power supply but is enhanced with new features such as full digital preamp functionality, slot-loading CD transport mechanism, improved high-resolution USB input and DSD via USB.  Connectivity options have been further expanded with the addition of an AES/EBU digital input and XLR digital output. These join the full complement of inputs/outputs retained from the 8200CD: 2x coaxial digital inputs; 2x optical digital inputs; 1x asynchronous USB input; 1x coaxial digital output; 1x optical digital output; single-ended RCA and balanced XLR analogue outputs; 12V trigger loop.4091_Audiolab_8300CD_(internal)

Price and availability

The Audiolab 8300CD is available from October in a choice of silver or classic Audiolab black, with an RRP of £999.95.


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Goldnote introduce their new 1000 series with the CD-1000 CD player and PA -1175 stereo amplifier, their first stereo amplifier in over 20 years of designing electronics.  The overall look has been created by architect Stefano Bonifazi and they are designed and handmade in Florence, Tuscany, Italy.


High quality CD player with full resolution 24/192 USB, coax and optical vertically integrated converter.  It has a unique modular design providing a variety of external units including two Class-A tube output stages, atomic master clocks and high power supplies. The structure is made of solid machined steel and thick aluminium panels to guarantee low frequency resonance, vibration control and a low magnetic inertial field. There is also an option for a preamp and stereo analogue input stage.



The PA-1175 merges the knowledge of the Goldnote Demidoff single ended amplifiers with a higher power rate, it is a 175Watt per channel @ 8ohm Stereo Power Amplifier bridgeable to have a mono 350Watt per channel.  The adjustable Goldnote  Damping Factor allows for easy switching between low sensitivity speakers and easy load monitors.

Goldnote have said that they have embarked on a major restructuring of their distribution network and are actively seeking new distributors for foreign markets.


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Roksan Audio announce the latest addition to their Kandy K3 series of hi-fi electronics – the K3 CD Di joins the range as a combination CD Player and Digital-Analogue Converter (DAC), opening up a K3 system to more music sources than ever before.K3 CD Di

The idea behind the CD Di is to provide audio enthusiasts with a high-quality digital source that will not only play an existing CD library, but will also host an array of other digital sources as one audiophile ‘hub’. By incorporating both the CD player and the DAC into one box, users can both save space by avoiding the need for extra boxes and guarantee consistent audio performance across all digital platforms.

The CD section of the CD Di is based on the established K3 CD (which will remain in the range as a stand-alone CD player).

The DAC section of the CD Di features both optical and coaxial digital inputs that are capable of handling data streams up to 24-bit/192kHz, so a variety of alternative digital players can also be connected to it. The digital inputs are selectable via the use of a three position rocker switch underneath the unit.

Aesthetically the CD Di perfectly matches the rest of the K3 series, except for the inclusion of a bi- coloured LED that sits underneath the front plate. The LED illuminates to highlight which digital source the unit is currently set to (Coaxial = White LED, Optical = Blue LED).

The K3 CD Di brings all your digital music into one place, delivering one consistent, highly-regarded sound performance to your hi-fi system. With a variety of input and output options to utilise, it expands the capabilities of K3 further than ever before. K3 CD Di Rear Panel

Technical Information

Operating System:   CD Digital Audio System (CD, CD‐R, CD-RW)

Frequency Response:   20Hz – 20kHz (± 0.2dB)

Harmonic Distortion:   <0.002% @ 0dB, 1kHz

<0.006% @ -30dB, 1kHz

<0.002% @ 0dB, 20Hz

<0.008% @ 0dB, 20kHz

Intermodulation Distortion:   <0.0015% @ 0dB S/N Ratio (IHF-A Wtd.):   <96dB L&R

Wow & Flutter:   Quartz Precision

Channel Separation:   100dB @ 1kHz 80dB @ 20kHz

Output Voltage:   2.2V rms

Digital Inputs:   1 x 75Ω Coaxial (RCA) 1 x Optical (Toslink)

Digital Outputs:   1 x 75Ω Coaxial (RCA), 1 x 110Ω Balanced AES/EBU (XLR), 1 x Optical (Toslink)

D/A Conversion:   PCM1730E Advance Segment, Audio‐Stereo DAC

Resolution / Sampling:   24 bit / 192kHz

Oscillation:   3rd Overtone Oscillation

Crystal:   Super Precision, Custom Made

Jitter:   <150psec

Idle Pattern:   <‐107dB

L&R Stop‐Band Rejection:   <‐98dB

Power Supply:   High Performance Toroidal Transformer 7 Fully Regulated Power Rails

Power Consumption:   <15W

Dimensions (W x H x D): 432 x 380 x 105mm (Incl. Feet)

SRP £1,300.00


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Leicester-based Icon Audio have launched their second CD player, the CDX2. Replacing Icon’s earlier, more expensive CDX1, the CDX2 has been specifically designed to deliver comparable SONY DSCsonics but at a lower, mid-range price.

The aim, says Icon’s founder and chief designer David Shaw, was “to craft a CD player with real warmth and dexterity. With that magical ‘vinyl sound’, in other words.”

The CDX2 features 192kHz 24bit upsampling technology but more than this, Shaw has focused a keen eye on the product’s all-important output stage in order to avoid what he refers to as the “mechanical and soulless presentation” that some CD players have.

“I wanted a more musical presentation, with more warmth and colour. Something incredible easy to listen to,” he adds.

To that end, the CDX2 uses an all triode valve class A output stage using T J Full Music or original Mullard valves. The digital and analogue circuitry is hand-wired using full sized high quality components.

Externally, the CDX2 features a top-loading mechanism, avoiding the usual slide-out drawer. A heavier alloy clamp also acts as a flywheel to increase rotational stability during playback.
In keeping with Icon’s ‘built to last’ philosophy, everything in the CDX2 is serviceable and replaceable and, as with all Icon products, the company is keeps an extensive bank of spare parts, ensuring a reliable product with a long life.

As each CD player is finished in the UK, Icon can offer a range of ‘David Shaw Signature’ upgrades including Jensen copper foil oil-in-paper capacitors and ‘new old stock’ valves.

Icon Audio CDX2 key features

No ‘surface mount’ parts used.
Sanyo CD transport mechanism.
CD-R compatible.
Class A, all triode valve output stage.
Latest 192kHz 24bit upsampling technology.
Coaxial digital output.
Gold-plated RCA sockets.
‘David Shaw Signature’ upgrade options including Jensen copper foil oil-in-paper capacitors and premium ‘new old stock’ valves.
Parts easily maintained and upgraded (valves, capacitors, resistors, etc).

The Icon Audio CDX2 is available now, priced at £995


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Henley Designs Ltd.  got in touch with Hifi Pig to tell us they are delighted to announce the launch of Roksan Audio’s newest seriesCharcoal amp finalk31 of hi-fi electronics.

The K3 Integrated Amplifier and K3 CD Player from Roksan Audio have been designed and built with style, performance and function in mind. Combining visual elegance with audiophile performance inspired by the M2 range; the K3 series offers the “ultimate in musical involvement, audio engineering and user flexibility. Researched and developed over a number of K32years, these new models employ vastly improved technologies and aesthetics when compared to anything that has come before”. We certainly enjoyed the new range when we got a bit of an exclusive listen a couple of months ago.

The K3 Integrated Amplifier has five Line Level inputs, a Moving Magnet phono stage and superior aptX® Bluetooth technology and is described as an ideal hub for all manner of audio sources. The aptX technology employed allows for high-quality wireless streaming from compatible devices – including tablets, smartphones and computers. Under the cover new op-amps, audio and power supply circuits, and high-quality signal output relays are used to make an amplifier that is said to be very reliable.

The K3 CD Player is based on the well-known K2 design; “but new circuitry and improved components combine to elevate this latest player to a new level of performance”. Usability is said to be simple and intuitive.

The all-new system remote (supplied in each box), is elegant, compact and a perfect accompaniment to the new K3 design. It boasts complete control over all the commands of both the Integrated Amplifier and the CD Player, and the clear-contrast labelling makes usage effortlessly simple.

All K3 electronics are available in three brand new finishes. Charcoal (shown above, Amplifier), Opium and Anthracite (shown above, CD Player).

SRP £1,250.00 (each)

Technical Information

K3 Integrated Amplifier

Inputs:                                     5 x RCA Stereo Line Level

1 x Moving Magnet Phono

1 x Wireless (aptX® Bluetooth)

1 x Bypass

Outputs:                                  4 x Speaker Connectors (+/- L & R)

1 x RCA Pre-amplifier

1 x 3.5mm Headphone

Power Output:                        > 140W (8Ω) / > 220W (4Ω)

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:            > -90dB

Frequency Response:              < 3Hz – > 100kHz (-3dB)

Gain:                                       37.5dB (75x)

Harmonic Distortion:              < 0.005% 1kHz – 14W @ 8Ω

Power Supply:                         550VA Ultra-Low Noise Toroidal Transformer

5 Regulated Power Supply Rails

Dimensions (W x H x D):                   432 x 102 x 380mm (incl. feet)

Weight:                                               14kg


K3 CD Player

Operating System:                  CD Digital Audio System (CD, CD-R, CD-RW)

Frequency Response:              20Hz – 20kHz (± 0.2dB)

Harmonic Distortion:              < 0.002% @ 0dB, 1kHz

< 0.006% @ -30dB, 1kHz

< 0.002% @ 0dB, 20kHz

< 0.008% @ -30dB, 20kHz

Intermodulation Distortion:    < 0.0015% @ 0dB

Signal-to-Noise Ratio:            < 96dB L&R (IHF-A Weighted)

Wow & Flutter:                                   Quartz Precision

Outputs:                                  1 x RCA Stereo Line Level

1 x 75Ω Coaxial (RCA)

1 x 110Ω Balanced AES/EBU (XLR)

1 x Optical (Toslink)

D/A Conversion:                     PCM1730E Advance Segment, Audio-Stereo DAC (24-bit / 192kHz)

Crystal:                                                Super-Precision, Custom Made

Jitter:                                       < 150psec

Power Supply:                         High Performance Low Noise Toroidal Transformer

7 Fully Regulated Power Supply Rails

Dimensions (W x H x D):                   432 x 105 x 380mm (incl. feet)

Weight:                                               9kg


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Cyrus Audio, whose X200 Signature Mono amps and X DAC Signature received Hifi Pig recommended awards has CyrusCDiannounced the latest CD player the CD i.

The CD i is built around a specially updated version of the company’s proprietary Servo Evolution disc reading system and replaces their two existing integrated CD players – the CD 6 SE and CD 8 SE. The new CD player is positioned between the two previous models in terms of price but although positioned below the CD 8 SE in terms of price, Cyrus claims that the performance of the CD i is superior to any integrated CD player they have ever made, putting this is in part to it using the most advanced version of the company’s Servo Evolution disc reading technology so far.

The CD i shares a new LED disc loader and acoustically led circuit design with the company’s flagship CD transport, the CD Xt Signature. A PSX-R port allows users to further upgrade by connecting one of the company’s external power supplies.

Price is £975

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Canor have announced their latest “Precision Tube Compact Disc Player” and digital to analogue converter,CD 1 the CD 1.10.

New CD player is equipped with a standalone 24-bit/192kHz digital-to-analogue converter for each channel, and with a high-quality CD drive with compact disc disengagement bearing driving mechanism.

The Canor CD1.10 inherits the big matrix display from its predecessor, the CD2 VR+ CD player and its appearance fits the design of the Canor power amplifiers.

The digital to analogue converter section of the new CD player includes coaxial, optical and USB 2.0 inputs and also XLR outputs, digital optical and digital coaxial as well as two RCA outputs.

Canor use their patented Canor PCD Milling Technology throughout.

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Presented for the first time at CES in Las Vegas the digital source “Origine” from French based Neodio will make its Origine_cropEuropean debut at the Salon Hifi Home Cinema in Paris this coming weekend.

Origine is the culmination of 12 years of work for the company and they say that the CD/Converter offers a “natural listening experience where all the micro information is accurately reproduced”.

The Origine’s multi layer 28kg chassis is assembled from 5 different materials, including copper, HI-MACS  and  aluminium in an effort to provide an environment without resonance.

ORIGINE    is   mounted  on  3   solid  feet  machined  in stainless steel, floating on ball  bearings.

The   player   mechanism is based on a DVD-ROM modified by Neodio and the 24bit/192kHz  converteruses adiscreteanalog clock.

ORIGINE has two digital inputs, SPDIF and USB.

Price is €35 000.


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Naim has launched its new entry-level CD player the CD5si. The CD5si is said to be a step forward in performance from its predecessor the CD5i with improvements to several key areas which “significantly improve sound quality.”

The new CD5si design includes the Burr Brown PCM 1793 DAC, which is similar in performance and architecture to the DAC used in Naim’s network players such as the NDX but is more optimised for the fixed sampling rate of CD (rather than the many sampling rates from streamed music). A new higher precision clock supports the new DAC, reducing jitter even further. The analogue output filter has also been improved.

A new high-performance transport mechanism has been fitted to the CD5si giving improved consistency and longevity. The new mechanism is mounted in Naim’s unique improved swing drawer tray giving it a low resonance, stable platform in which to operate. The internal power supply voltage has also been increased, to improve the linearity of the output signal.


Electrocompaniet the Norwegian hifi manufacturer of CD-Players, Dacs, amplifiers and loudspeakers launched the EMP 2 multiplayer in October of last year. Whilst this isn’t up to the minute “news” Hifi Pig thought it worth including in this section of the site.

The EMP 2 is part of the company’s Classic line and is a fully fledged and versatile player with support for all modern audio and video formats and media including Blu-ray in 2D and 3D. CD, SACD, DVD and DVD Audio. More »