Radio is still hanging on in there and the new Philips AE8000 radio brings together all the web-based stations as well as DAB+ and FM broadcasts.

The new AE8000 is the first internet radio from Philips and it offers an all-in-one solution for access to nearly every radio station out there. With the added flexibility of DAB+ and FM and with an attractive white front and dark wood design, the AE8000 will certainly fit in at home as equally as well as it will in the office.

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The Intempo Bluetooth Jukebox is a new twist on a 1950’s throwback. A modern nod back to when fashion started to shake off the constraints of post-war rationing and less conservative styles started to appear.

The 50s brought tighter skirts and leather biker jackets, as well as the now timeless Jukebox.

Whenever the word ‘Jukebox’ crops up in conversation it’s not the modern, networked, video playing version that appears in my head – rather the colourful arched numbers found in the 50s Malt Shops, Cafes and eateries.

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