French speaker brand, Focal, has added three new models to its recently launched Chora range, including its first Dolby Atmos® designs.

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Soundbar 10 is the top soundbar in German manufacturer Canton’s Smart family of Wi-Fi-enabled speakers.

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Emotiva Audio Corporation has introduced the XMC-2 16 channel AV Processor, featuring the sound and modular design of the company’s flagship RMC-1 processor, at a more affordable price point.

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VIZIO are a well known name in soundbars in the USA, but they have just launched in the UK, with the VIZIO 36in 5.1.2 Soundbar system with Dolby Atmos®.

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PMC was on our ‘must visit’ list, not only were they teasing us with new product releases, they were playing the Capitol Studios Dolby Atmos remix of the iconic Miles Davis albums, ‘Kind of Blue’ and ‘Sketches of Spain’.

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KEF has today launched the Q50a Dolby Atmos-enabled surround speaker, designed to enhance the new Q Series loudspeakers by making any KEF Q Series surround configuration compatible with the surround sound format, Dolby Atmos. More »

Sib Evo is the second generation of Focal’s Sib line. With this new line featuring Dolby Atmos technology, Focal say that they are “once again sparking a revolution in the home cinema market”. More »

Electro pioneers Kraftwerk recently upgraded their PMC monitoring system to a 9.1 Dolby Atmos set-up so that they could compile 3-D Kraftwerk Concert, an audio/video documentary collection that was released at the end of May 2017. More »

Pioneer has announced the release of three new generation AV receivers, the VSX-LX302, VSX-932 and the VSX-832, which they say are “packed to the gills with every facility needed to form the heart of seriously capable home entertainment systems”. More »

Arcam, who celebrated their 40th anniversary last year, are once again building what they are calling “a show-stopping ‘Object Based’ Reference Cinema”, providing a world-first opportunity to hear the new High-End FMJ AV860 AV Pre-Processor in action, partnered with around 6000 watts of FMJ P49 Class G power amps in bridged mono-block mode. More »

roksponsmallOnkyo today unveiled an LS7200 3D Soundbar System that combines Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio playback with next-generation network casting via DTS Play-Fi technology*, AirPlay, and FireConnect* multi-room distribution. More »

roksponsmallNorth London post production facility, ACE has a reputation for mixing some of the UK’s biggest TV music shows, including Later with Jools Holland and Glastonbury for the BBC. Its sound facility is managed by Tudor Davies and Richard Sillitto. More »

Developed for Dolby Atmos commercial theatres, these BGW amplifiers are now ready for use in Home Cinemas. Designed in recognition that increased channel density required to playback Dolby Atmos in a commercial theatre would lead to significant crowding in the projection booth, Morris Kessler and his team designed a series of high-channel-count, flexible amplifiers.  All use dual-differential balanced circuitry, Thermal-Trak output devices, current feedback and dual DC Servos (the same basic topology used in Kessler’s award-winning Signature Series ATI amplifiers) to deliver what ATI believe is ‘the highest quality audio ever available in a commercial setting.’ To maximize these amplifiers suitability for commercial use, they feature rack-mounting, forced air cooling, clip-limiting and can be outfitted for remote telemetry.  When so enabled, the status of each channel can be monitored remotely using such devices as an iPad or iPhone.BGW_atmos_news

Each of the 6 amplifiers in the BGW Immersive Sound series is effectively two complete amps on a single chassis with two line cords, two toroidal transformers and two power switches.  Each amplifier is rated for 3200 watts RMS total output with 1600 watts available in each side.  In the VXi8.8 (pictured above) each side consists of 8 200W per channel amplifiers.  In the VXi4.4, each side has 4 400W RMS amplifiers per side, while in the VXi2.2, each side is rated at 800W RMS x 2.  These BGW amps are so versatile, they are even available in split configurations with 8 x 200W available on one half with 4 x 400W (the VX.i8.4) or 2 x 800W (the VX.i8.2) available on the other half.   

According to Kessler, “These amps have been a huge hit in the world of commercial cinema.  We powered an entire theater with one VXi8.4 for Jurassic World and could monitor every critical operating parameter right from my iPhone.”

All BGW amplifiers are assembled in ATI’s factory in Montebello, CA. 

MSRP for the amplifiers, regardless of channel count, is $8,890.00.  They are available now.      


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