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Janine Elliot already listened and wrote about the pre-production model, and Stu and Lin bought a Pink Hifi Pig edition one on the back of that review. Here’s the review of the final production model by Janine with supplementary comments by Stuart.

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Last week Hifi Pig published a review of the English Acoustics Stereo 21C amplifier, a modern take on the classic Leak Stereo 20. Here we have a quick chat with Jordan Jackson, Chief Operations Officer for the Wiltshire based company. More »


This is a review of the pre-production version of the Engish Acoustics Stereo 21C. You can read the review of the full release version here. 

English Acoustics Stereo 21C is a modern take on the classic (and legendary) Leak Stereo 20. It costs just shy of £4000, is predominantly sourced and built in Great Britain and comes in a range of funky colours as well as any colour you like for a small extra charge. Janine Elliot, an owner of the original Leak Stereo 20, compares and contrasts the old with the new. More »