We love a good news story about local Hifi dealers, so it is great to be able to announce that Harrow Audio are expanding to include a second satellite store in Wendover, Buckinghamshire.

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Essex based Audiobarn has some more great Hifi Events planned for the cold, dark days of November.

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A Lincoln Hifi shop, which closed in February, has been given a new lease of life following a major investment by Nottingham audio-visual group In Phase International, who are also behind the recent relaunch of the Nottingham Hifi Centre.

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Scotland’s longest established Hifi retailer, Hi-Fi Corner, are aiming to become one of the top audio-visual retailers in Europe, upgrading their Falkirk store to a new High Street location and opening a new, six dem-room ‘Edinburgh Seaside’ location.

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roksponsmallJack Satchfield, director of The Audiobarn a hifi dealership in Old Harlow, Essex, got in touch to let us know they will be hosting an open day event with the support of Devialet and Vivid Audio. More »

It seems change is the only constant that we all experience. Nowhere is this truer than in the world of High Fidelity. All of us can rattle off various audio and video trends that we all thought would be with us forever only to see them gone….8 track tapes and players, cassette recorders, VHS recorders and of course Beta-Max.  Vinyl is making a big comeback people say. Truth be told, it never left for reasons we will talk about in our next article. Currently the rage is streaming services and streaming devices. You buy a new toaster most likely it will stream Pandora as you wait for your daily bread to be burned. More »

Mike Twomey continues his monthly look at the hifi and audio business from the perspective of the dealer. This month he focuses on that all important, but oft’ forgotten aspect of the business that is customer service and why it is so important to the industryMore »

Mike Twomey has a bit of advice about how to get the best deal on your audio during the holidays. The Wondrous Holiday Season – a Six Week Period. Where People Totally Lose Their Mind. How to Get a Good Deal from your Dealer During the Holidays More »

BD Audio, the Malvern based hifi dealer and Ming Da specialist, has announced that they will be adding to their portfolio of manufacturers and offering products from VPI technologies. Products will include turntables, record cleaning machines and a range of accessories.

The VPI Classic One turntable and the VPI HW-16.5 record cleaning machine will be available for demonstration very shortly.

Jack Durant, the owner of BD Audio, also recently announced a professional service to install dedicated mains power supplies for audiophiles, something that we at Hifi Pig will prove to be very popular indeed.

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