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Ferrum is a Polish manufacturer with just two products under their belt, the OOR headphone amplifier and the product we have in for review here, the HYPSOS power supply costing €995/$995. The HYPSOS is suitable for a wide range of products but in this review Dave Robson checks the product out with his Mytek Brooklyn DAC+.

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iFi has released their new flagship AC/DC PSU, completing a three-strong range – iPower, iPower X and iPower Elite.

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SOtM have officially launched their brand-new power supply, the sPS-500. It joins their latest components, the sMS-200Ultra Mini Network Player and tX-USBUltra USB Hub and Regenerator, completing the brand’s “ultra trio”. More »

Akiko Audio has introduced four models in their new DIY Black Box Series. A special product for the large group of music fans that enjoy building and modifying their own devices. More »

The vast majority of electronic devices require a power supply, whether it is a linear power supply or the now popular switch mode power supply (SMPS). Whatever the type, we take them for granted and we rely heavily on them to power or charge all our electronics doodads. More »