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Now celebrating its 75th anniversary, Klipsch of the USA, has announced the release of the new Klipsch Forte IV loudspeaker.

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hORNS are a Polish loudspeaker brand specialising in, you guessed it, horn loudspeakers. In this review, Stuart Smith takes a listen to their Symphony 13 loudspeakers costing €15,000. More »

Featuring the JBL D2415K dual 1.5-inch compression driver and pairing it with a large-format HDI horn, the new JBL 4349 is the brand’s latest monitor loudspeaker.

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SoundSpace Systems is a small, German, loudspeaker manufacturer. Their latest speaker development is the addition of the Klanghorn, which is milled from a solid block of resonant wood.

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Some months ago, a member of the “Martian Dream Ensemble”, an international artist collective initiated by the renowned artist Dominique Gonzales Förster, contacted the German horn loudspeaker manufacturer, Avantgarde Acoustic, with a one of a kind idea. More »


Hifi Pig brings you a series of promotional articles about our Great British Brands exhibiting at High End Munich 2018. We let them tell you all about their philosophy and products.

Here, Lynn and Kevin Scott of Living Voice tell us more about their two rooms at the show. More »

Tune Audio will be exhibiting their flagship horn loudspeaker Avaton at atrium 4, 2nd floor, room E215. More »

Holger Fromme is the man behind the German horn loudspeaker manufacturer Avantgarde Acoustic. Here he talks to Hifi Pig about what drove him to build these speakers and where he sees the role of innovation in loudspeaker design going forward. More »

Ian Ringstead takes delivery of a pile of ready cut wood and puts together the £300 KJF Audio Frugel Horn Lite Speaker Kit.  More »

The Trio speaker system from Avantgarde Acoustic is undoubtedly an iconic loudspeaker. It has been refined over the years and now the German horn manufacturer is releasing a special, limited edition of their flagship product, to celebrate their 26th anniversary. More »

Loudspeaker manufacturer Avantgarde Acoustic has been awarded Gold in the German Brand Award 2017. More »

When Hifi Pig heard that Loud & Clear in Edinburgh were having a roadshow showcasing a trio of Avantgarde horn loudspeakers along with Simaudio’s Moon888 monoblock power amps, we had to go along for a listen. More »

Blumenhofer Acoustics got in touch to tell us about their new loudspeaker launch at High End Munich. More »

Loud & Clear Edinburgh will play host to German manufacturer Avantgarde Acoustic and Zero and Uno range of horn loudspeakers, from the 5th of May this year. More »

Totaldac, of France, has created its own loudspeaker to demo DACs in the Totaldac auditorium and at Hifi shows. Totaldac say that the speakers “are the result of 20 years of experimentation to give a realistic and natural sound. Now these speakers are also offered to Totaldac customers” More »