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The Italian equipment support manufacturer, Bassocontinuo, has launched the Bassocontinuo Ultra Feet Level 6 isolation feet.

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Ken Stokes gets isolated with British brand Lateral Audio Stands.

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With a sculpted aluminium frame and patented IsoAcoustics integrated isolators, the IsoAcoustics Aperta Sub decouples subwoofers from the supporting surface to prevent the physical transfer of energy that excites the supporting surface, causes room rattle and disturbs your neighbours.

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Vertere, the high-end British record player designer and manufacturer, has launched the Vertere Iso-Paw Isolation Footer designed and made to enhance the performance of the DG-1 record player and/or Phono-1 cartridge amplifier.

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Bassocontinuo, the Italian equipment support manufacturer, has launched Ultra Feet lab-tested isolation feet, offering measurement-backed vibration protection for audio devices.

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MoFi Electronics’ Ultra Low Noise Feet promise to provide effective vibration control and noise reduction for any audio component.

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Wilson Audio has spent many years on composite research for loudspeaker enclosures. The company has harnessed this work to create a set of ‘isolation feet’ to place under audio components, from turntables and digital source components to amplifiers and power supplies, preventing external vibration from affecting performance.

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Dominic Marsh experiments with the Solidair Audio Magnetic Isolators in this review for Hifi Pig. More »

Aluminous Audio have released their new Velvet Isolation Modules. Each module is 6 inches in diameter with a total assembled height of 4 inches. They can be used with threaded feet locations or simply place a component or speaker on top of the modules. More »

Max Townshend is unmissable at pretty much any Hifi show you care to attend. He’s a larger than life character and his team are likewise always knowledgeable but down to earth and fun. His demonstration of the seismic bars and platforms is one not to miss. Daniel Worth pops a pair of the company’s Seismic Isolation Bars costing between £999 – £1299 under his speakers to feel their effects.  More »

Miles Kilby of Solidair Audio got in touch to tell us about his Magnetic Levitation Isolation Feet and the principles behind them. More »