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IsoTek has gone back to the drawing board with a complete redesign of the Titan, as they launch the IsoTek V5 Titan Power Cleaner.

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From Taipei, Taiwan, KECES Audio was founded in 2002, with the aim of banishing ambient noise from audio.

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Coherence Systems ADD-POWR harmonic resonators is a new line of products that they claim “re-references your power supply and the audio signal itself”.

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Furutech’s new NCF Clear Line is an audio grade passive AC optimizer, small enough to hold in your hand, that you simply plug it into any vacant mains socket on either a power distributor or wall outlet.

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TAGA Harmony has launched its PC-500 power line conditioner to provide effective and reliable protection against voltage fluctuations and line disturbances (noises) which can negatively impact your audio-video system.

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LessLoss have paired their C-MARC cable technology with their Firewall 64X power conditioner. The upgrade includes four design improvements.

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McIntosh has launched a high-performance protective mains controller, the MPC500 Power Controller.

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PS Audio have now launched the Stellar P3 Power Plant, which provides 300 watts of continuous power output and peaks of 900 watts, and complements the Stellar M700 monoblocks and GainCell preamp, or all your system’s source gear.

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TAGA Harmony have launched a full size power noise filter, the PF-2000. TAGA told us “The electricity network in our homes or workplaces is exposed to different interferences for instance electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by appliances connected to the same network (refrigerators, air conditioners, computers etc.)”. More »

Elite Audio have announced that they are now the official UK distributors of PLiXiR Power. The Singaporean manufacturer becomes the 39th brand to be distributed by Elite Audio. More »

If you are familiar with the philosophy behind Akiko Audio’s tuning product designs, you won’t be surprised to hear that the new Minelli Power Conditioner is based on a design without electrical components. By doing so, Akiko say it can passively tackle high frequency noise. More »

Whilst developing their Castello Ground Conditioner, Akiko Audio noticed that “a correctly applied ground has a major influence on the rendering quality of your music”. More »

IsoTek were launching several new products at the High End Show including the Gemini, Syncro Uni and the Evo3 Nova. Due to another appointment we couldn’t spend too much time at the launch but were very well looked after by Fi Hobden and her team, who even provided us with vegan canapés…much appreciated after a long day walking many miles around the show. More »

IsoTek, manufacturer of power conditioning solutions for hifi and home cinema systems, has launched the EVO3 Nova One from their Mosaic Series. The Nova One is an evolution on from the original GII Nova released over a decade ago but features a “modified and improved clean power network”. More »

The Russ Andrews Power Purifier is a modular power conditioner that you can have fully loaded from the off or choose the base unit and add to as and when you feel the need. Janine Elliot pops it on her rack and experiments with the £329 (base unit) £1107 (fully loaded) box.  More »

IsoTek, producer of power conditioning solutions for hifi and home cinema systems, has launched the EVO3 Titan One from the Mosaic Series. Iso Tek say that “The Titan One is a highly compact state of the art high current low impedance power cleaner designed for high amperage equipment, such as power amplifiers, subwoofers and active loudspeakers”. More »

Noyra is the new power conditioner/distributor from LAB 12 of Greece, following on from the Gordian, which Hifi Pig reviewed previously and that resides in our reference system. More »

Increcable, who have been manufacturing audio and video components since 2002, have launched new products and will be showing at CES 2017 in the Venetian Hotel Suite 29-137, 5th – 8th January 2017.

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roksponsmallAfter a two year development period, Akiko Audio has launched a power conditioner that doesn’t rely on conventional power filtering techniques. Four internal units are responsible for an active reduction of high frequency noise. ‘Power filtering is undesirable and should be avoided’ says designer Marc van Berlo. ‘ The Corelli exclusively reduces noise, without any negative side-effects such as a loss of dynamics or an unnatural sound. This makes our product unique.’ The Akiko Audio Corelli connects to the power strip or wall socket that your equipment is connected to. The power conditioner is named after the famous Italian violist and composer, A. Corelli. ‘No coincidence’ says the producer: ‘the Corelli is able to render the high tones and rich sounds of violins and acoustic instruments exquisitely.’
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Winner of a CE Pro Best Award at CEDIA Expo 2015, the TOT AVR builds upon Torus Power’s TOT Series of toroidal isolation transformers, adding Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR). Torus Power’s TOT AVR provides isolation from the outside power grid for three power outlets through a Plitron-designed and built toroidal isolation transformer. This component is developed to eliminate the electrical noise of sources such as motors, lights, appliances and dimmers to provide high performance AV systems with cleaner power. In their press release, Karma claim “In addition, the TOT AVR’s Automatic Voltage Regulation technology counters the effects of voltage sags, power line surges and brownouts that can stress and shorten equipment life by providing stable voltage within a +/- 10V threshold. AVR detects and automatically compensates for abnormally high or low voltage to ensure that the voltage that powers equipment remains at optimal levels.”totavr_news1

The TOT AVR meets both IEC and Neutrik standards, and shelf or rack mount configurations are available.

Input voltage: 170 – 270V

Output voltage: 220, 230 or 240V ± 10V

Rated output current: 4A

Number of outlets: 3

Power rating: 960VA

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Dimensions (H x W x D): 318 mm x 101 mm x 369 mm

Torus TOT AVR typical retail price inc VAT: £2000.00

Availability April 2016


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The gordian from Lab 12 is hand built in Greece and is a multifunction power distributor/conditioner with a host of functions to measure the quality of your power supply. It costs 1398€ and Stuart Smith bought a special Hifi Pig edition for this review. 

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