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Kondo Audio Note Japan has released two new amplifiers, the Kondo Kagura 2i Power Amplifier and Kondo Overture PM 2i Integrated Amplifier.

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French high end brand, Jadis, have developed a new, compact reference integrated amplifier featuring the KT170 valve.

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High-end Italian brand, Tektron, have created a new product line that embodies the best of their 35 years of experience and development.

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Finnish brand Penaudio’s new Alba Signature is a modernized version of their first Alba back in the beginning of the 2000s.

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Outwardly, the new Audio Research Reference 80S Stereo Power Amplifier shares the same dimensions as the ARC 160M.

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McIntosh has introduced the MA12000 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier.

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McIntosh has announced the MC1502 Vacuum Tube Amplifier and C22 Mk V Preamplifier.

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Nearly 20 years have passed since the 2001 launch of the AirTight ATM-211 single-monaural power amplifier using the 211 tube. Since then, AirTight have launched 211 push-pull monaural power amplifier ATM-3211, which has become a turning point for the AirTight brand, as well as the SET ATM-300R.

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VenusodiO, of Germany, has launched its new integrated tube amplifier, the Symbiose Quadrat, following on from their first model, Symbiose.

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Czech Republic based KR Audio are known to audiophiles everywhere for their high end valves and audio equipment.

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A valve amp at 1300 Euros sounds like a bit of a bargain. Add to the package an onboard phonostage and DAC and this Italian package starts to look even more attractive. Adam Billingham takes this latin beauty for a spin. 

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Leben Hifi Stereo Company is a Japanese manufacturer of tube/valve amplifiers. The designer and owner of Leben is Mr. Taku Hyodo who has been ranked as one of the top eight tube audio design engineers in Japan.

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Roehrenschmiede means ‘The Tube Forge’ and is a small, valve amplifier manufacturer from Krefeld, Germany, who make a handmade and personalised, high end, all-tube stereo amplifier, called Rocket and pre-amp called Comet.

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The Cayin A-845 Pro 25th Anniversary Integrated Amplifier is expected to arrive in the UK, with Audio Emotion, in March 2019 and will retail at £7990. More »

2018 saw Western Electric get their much loved 300B valves back into production, plus the brand has also made great progress with a new integrated amplifier, the 91E. More »

Hercules Integrated is the younger brother of S.A.Lab’s flagship Hercules MkII Magister of Music. S.A.Lab say it is ‘ a more compact and affordable amplifier which is technologically identical to grand Hercules MkII Magister of Music’. More »

Audio-Hungary have released their new, upgraded Qualiton APX 200 vacuum tube stereo power amplifier, with new features that were added after customer feedback. Only minor changes to the vents were made on the outside for optimised cooling and to keep the classic design. Most changes were made inside.  More »

TAGA Harmony have released their second vacuum tube amplifier, the TTA-500. More »

Feliks Audio, a Polish based manufacturer of hand crafted tube amplifiers, has released a prototype of their new desktop amplifier that can power both speakers and headphones. More »

Charles Whitener President of Western Electric, has announced that the WE 300B electron tube will re-enter production this year, in time for its 80th Anniversary. The last Western Electric 300-B was manufactured in 1988 and since then they have become as rare as hen’s teeth. More »

Amare Musica of Poland have released their new Tube Network Player which is a combination of Tube Dac DSD and a network server/player. More »

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of Conrad-Johnson design inc. and to celebrate, they are introducing two new anniversary tube amplifiers – the ART150 and ART300. These amplifiers employ the recently developed KT150 output tubes. More »

Amare Musica of Poland, who have manufactured audio products since 2012, have announced that all of their products will now be supplied with Franc Audio Accessories feet. More »

Canadian manufacturer Coincident Speaker Technology have announce their first stereo integrated amplifiers, the coincidentTurbo 845SE and the Dynamo 34SE (Pictured).

The Turbo 845SE is constructed as true dual mono in every way with the only shared component between the two channels being the chassis. The Turbo is built on the same chassis as the company’s current Dragon MK II amplifier.

Single Ended 845 Output- 28 watts per channel

Pure Dual Mono

All hard wired

6N copper Japanese Steel proprietary power and output transformers

6EM7 input , 300B driver per channel

3 RCA inputs

Discrete Resistor volume control

Voltage selectable 115V/230V

AC ground lift

Remote control volume- mute.

Frequency response: 20 hz- 20khz – flat

Sensitivity: 1V for full output

Input impedance: 100 K ohms

S/N Ratio- 90 db

Weight; 100 lbs

Price :$5499 US


The Dynamo 345SE is a single ended triode tube amplifier that offers 8 watt pre channel.


Single Ended EL 34 output- 8 watts per channel

6SL7 input/driver tube, 5U4 GB rectifier tube

All hard wired

Stainless steel mirror finish chassis

Output impedance : 4, 8 ohms

Voltage selectable: 115V/230V

Frequency response: 20 hz- 20khz- flat

Sensitivity: 300 mv full output

Input impedance : 100K ohms

S/N Ratio- 88 db

Weight: 22 lbs

Price : $999 US.


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