After years of developing and refining their technologies, Aries Cerat has introduced their TriodeFet technology and the Ianus Series of amplifiers that implement this technology.

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Concert Fidelity of Karuizawa, Japan and Stereolab, LLC have come to an agreement to make Stereolab the global sales and marketing arm for Concert Fidelity’s hand-crafted line of tube electronics. More »

Dutch firm PrimaLuna was founded in 2003 and have steadily released new products ever since with multiple product levels including ProLogue Original, ProLogue Classic, ProLogue Premium, DiaLogue and DiaLogue Premium. More »

Eighteen years have passed since AirTight introduced the original ATM-211 SET Power Amplifier, in 2001, to celebrate the beginning of the new millennium. Since then, the Japanese tube amp brand has released the120W Triode Tube Push-Pull Power Amplifier, the ATM-3211.

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Leben Hifi Stereo Company is a Japanese manufacturer of tube/valve amplifiers. The designer and owner of Leben is Mr. Taku Hyodo who has been ranked as one of the top eight tube audio design engineers in Japan.

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The Conrad-Johnson design team say they are particularly excited with the introduction of two new Classic amplifiers, the Classic Sixty-Two (CL62) and Classic One-Twenty (CL120). More »

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