TAGA Harmony, a Polish manufacturer of loudspeakers and audio electronics, invites you to visit its showroom “Belweder I” located on the ground floor of Radisson Blue Sobieski hotel , where the brand will be presenting their best and new products.

The main demo system #1

The main demo system will be based on new Diamond B-60 (reviewed here) bookshelf speakers powered by the newest TAGA Harmony TTA-1000 Class A tube integrated amplifier.

Clean electricity will be provided through the TAGA Harmony PF-1000 power filter.

The Diamond B-60 is a flagship bookshelf speaker in the TAGA Harmony top Diamond series.

A pair demonstrated at the show will be in a beautiful glittering Rosewood veneer with 9-layer clear piano lacquer.

The speaker utilises the high-end 30mm (1.18”) O-TPTTD (Oversized Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome) which is 20% bigger than in other TAGA Harmony loudspeakers. It works with ultra-extended high-frequency response up to 33 kHz (+/- 3dB).

The TTA-1000  is TAGA’s first Class A vacuum tube amplifier utilizing KT-88 tubes in the output. It is equipped with a high-end MM/MC phono input and a remote controller. 

The main demo system #2

The Platinum series has been always considered as one of the most important TAGA Harmony series in the premium category.

TAGA Harmony believes that the Platinum v.3 speakers are the best sounding loudspeakers in their price level and far beyond.
The Platinum v.3 slogan “Born in Europe – Crafted for the World” is a very serious commitment. TAGA Harmony Polish designer Mr. Arek Ogrodnik personally tuned each model in the series. To honor his great craftsmanship and to emphasize a unique character of this project TAGA Harmony named the crossovers in the Platinum v.3 series as “Ogrodnik Crossovers”.
Internal wiring was custom designed and built for the Platinum v.3 series by XLO U.S.A.
Three models from the Platinum v.3 series (F-120 v.3 and F-100 v.3 floorstanders and a B-40 v.3 bookshelf) will be presented at the show.
TAGA’s newest mid class hybrid amplifier HTA-1200 will be paired with the speakers. It is equipped with 4 stereo inputs including MM/MC phono, built-in 24bit/192kHz DAC (optical and coaxial) and a headphone output.

Other new products

TAGA Harmony will be also presenting more news including two hybrid amplifiers: HTA-800, a younger brother of the HTA-1200 and HTA-25B, a budget hybrid amplifier equipped with the Bluetooth® wireless connectivity.
TAGA Harmony DA-300 v.3 is the newest PCM DSD USB-DAC  [32bit/384KHz and DSDx64, DSDx128, DSDx256] – this model is based on the bestseller DA-300 v.2.
There will be other interesting products displayed in the TAGA Harmony room such as range of audio cables, Custom Installation products and more.


TAGA  will host a series of presentations by Hirek Wrona, TAGA Harmony brand ambassador, an acclaimed Polish music journalist and publicist, DJ, a producer and director of artistic events and concerts, and Grzegorz Duda from audiomuzofans portal.

They will give presentations on Saturday and Sunday.



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