TAGA Harmony, a European manufacturer of speakers and audio electronics, has launched their new flagship hybrid integrated amplifier HTA-2500B.

The HTA-2500B dual-mono 2 x 200W design uses two 12AX7-T PSVANE Treasure Mark II vacuum tubes in the preamp section, serving as a buffer amplifier, and six pairs of high-power Sanken transistors (2SC4468/2SA1695) in the output.

Two toroidal transformers with a total output of 1200W (600W per channel) provide power. Audiophile grade ELNA capacitors (2 x 80V/10000uF for each channel) are also used along with a Japanese ALPS volume potentiometer.

The amplifier has an oversized aluminium heat sink system, gold-plated speaker terminals and machined brass RCA sockets, along with a built-in high-resolution 24bit / 192kHz DAC (based on Wolfson WM8805 and Cirrus Logic CS4344 circuits). You can connect a range of  digital devices via optical and coaxial inputs and stream music from smartphones, tablets or computers compatible with Bluetooth®. The HTA-2500B also has a headphone preamplifier and a preamplifier output is dedicated for an optional external power amplifier or powered subwoofer and speakers.



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