TAGA Harmony has unveiled its Platinum SE series reference bookshelf speaker in a deeply revised version: Platinum B-40 SE v.2.tagav2


TLIE (Taga Low Interference Enclosure) – handcrafted enclosure is now even more rigid and neutral to vibrations and colorization. Increased MDF walls thickness from 15 mm to 18 mm.

The 3rd generation TPTTD-II (Taga Pure Titanium Tweeter Dome) utilizes a differently shaped and lighter titanium cone.

The 2nd generation TWCD-I (Taga Woolen Cone Driver) with different composition of cone materials. The redesigned voice coil utilizing thicker and purer flat wire offers even higher power handling and longer operation time without increased temperature.

New configuration of the drivers: the tweeter is positioned closer to the mid-woofer than in the previous version.

The dramatically upgraded crossover.

The Platinum B-40 SE v.2 is available in an additional new finish: natural Real Wood African Walnut Veneer with high-end clear gloss piano lacquer.

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