TAGA Harmony have released their second vacuum tube amplifier, the TTA-500.

The TTA-500 is a 2 x 35W Class AB valve integrated amplifier using four EL34 tubes in the output stage and a 12AX7 tube preamp section, composed of two 6SN7 tubes as drivers, and a Triode / Pentode mode selector switch.

The valve amp uses Wima coupling capacitors, for input and connecting the driver tubes with the output amp, and Rubycon capacitors in the power filtering. Other components include an EI broadband sound output transformer, ALPS volume potentiometer and gold-plated speaker terminals. Up to 3 stereo devices can be connected via machined brass RCA sockets. The front and side walls of the housing are made of thick 6 mm aluminium and the vacuum tube decorative panel is finished in a brushed aluminium colour.


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