Designed and made in the UK, by True Colours Industries, the new TCI Mamba Stereo Hi-Fi Interconnect, is said totci-mamba-stereo-1 be a serious performance cable at a relatively affordable price.

The Mamba features a bi-axial shielded construction and is terminated with TCI True-Plug™ gold-plated RCA phono plugs in a pseudo-balanced configuration.

It is also available in a fully balanced configuration, terminated with high-quality XLR connectors featuring gold-plated contacts.


– 2-Core Silver-plated OFC cores with Teflon insulation

– Bi-axial shielded construction

– 100% Foil with 16 way braid screen

– Fully wrapped in Red PVC insulation 

– Lead free Silver soldered contacts

– TCI True-Plug™ RCA phono plug

– High quality XLR plugs


RCA terminated: 0.6m £175, 1.0m £200, extra 0.5m £30

XLR terminated: 0.6m £225, 1.0m £250, extra 0.5m £30

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