The new Tentogra WOWO turntable is the third model from this Polish brand.

Bespoke Turntable

The Tentogra WOWO turntable is bespoke and made to order. You can choose the colour of the aluminium and the kind of wood veneer that you like. To enable an even more stable function, the WOWO can run on an optional battery, which can be supplied at an extra price Running time on the battery depends on which battery you choose.

Tentogra WOWO Turntable

The Tentogra WOWO Turntable with Kuzma atonearm

Tentogra WOWO Turntable

Tentogra calls the aluminium used to create the turntable “relaxed” as it is without any tension. Spacers are made with kevlar and aluminium. The upper part of the turntable is made of plywood formed at high pressure. Without the arms, the WOWO is 37kg.

Tentogra WOWO Turntable

Tentogra WOWO Turntable with bespoke finishes

Tentogra WOWO Turntable


The motor is a separate part of the turntable not connected with the body. The arm bases are made of bronze chrome plated and underneath, at the bottom of the turntable, the Tentogra WOWO has anti-resonators. Every Tentogra turntable has 3 different speeds (33,45,78). Calibration of the speeds is done using potentiometers.

Tentogra WOWO Turntable

Tentogra WOWO Turntable with Tentogra Planette Tonearm


The tonearm bases are extendable so that you can have from 9 to 12 inch, the bases fit Kuzma arms and the new Tentogra Planette tonearm.

Tentogra Planette Tonearm

Wojciech Samołyk,Tentogra constructor and company owner, with the new Tentogra Planette Tonearm


The price without arm and battery is in the region of 6000€

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