At Audiovector you can always get your speakers upgraded, Mads Kilforth, CEO and Owner of Danish brand Audiovector told us: “actually, we are currently the only brand on the market offering this. For us, it is an important part of our customer service policy”.

An upgrade of your current Audiovector speakers is deigned to feel like a completely new set of speakers when they are returned to you, the speakers are returned to the factory in Denmark, the cabinets and parts are carefully inspected and cabinets are cleaned and polished.

Prolonged Guarantee

The new damping material, cross-overs, drivers, baffles, plinths, etc. will be installed and a rigorous testing program is performed in order to secure top-performance in build and sound quality. Enclosed in the new package with your new speakers, you will also find new spikes, manuals, and bridges. Furthermore, your international Audiovector guarantee is prolonged with 5 years.

Watch the Audiovector IUC video here:

Environmentally Friendly

All Audiovector S/Si/SR-series speakers are built to be up-gradable. For instance, an Audiovector Si 3 Avantgarde can be upgraded to an R 3 Arreté and so forth.

Not only does this save money for the customer, it saves on loudspeaker scrappage and is therefore much more ‘green’.

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