The Chord Company has launched SignatureXL, the latest evolution of a classic Chord speaker cable and one that introduces modern technology plus the new silver-plated ChordOhmic plugs.

Chord Company’s all-new SignatureXL speaker cable is the first product from the Wiltshire company to feature the new high-performance dielectric, XLPE (Cross-linked Polyethylene). The introduction of XLPE follows the successful implementation of Chord Company’s unique Taylon®dielectric in its flagship ChordMusic and recently released Sarum T speaker cables and brings a number of performance benefits to the Signature cable.

Chord Company’s design engineers devoted considerable time investigating the different types of XLPE for SignatureXL and following extensive listening sessions, selected a version which, during testing, they found to be superior to the previous dielectric. With material technology constantly developing and improving, alternatives to PTFE, such as XLPE, have allowed Chord Company to make performance improvements where the prohibitive cost of Taylon® otherwise prevents its use at a given price point. Additionally, the new, improved SignatureXL has been developed to complement the Signature Tuned ARAY and Super ARAY analogue and digital interconnects.

Chord Co SignatureXL speaker cable is the first new speaker cable to launch with the factory-fitted ChordOhmic speaker plugs. The silver-plated ChordOhmic plugs have drawn on the company’s 33-year history in UK cable design and manufacturing and are engineered to bring both the electrical and sonic benefits of silver to speaker cables. SignatureXL will make its world debut at October’s Festival of Sound show in London (28 – 30 September 2018, Sancerre suite). SignatureXL is available now in red/black or all-black: 1.5m £900; extra metre(s) £300.



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