UK AV cable manufacturer The Chord Company has launched newly upgraded versions its entry-level interconnect chordco-cham-cob-crim-1cables. The redesign to the Crimson (from £49), Cobra (£84) and Chameleon (£120), brings big improvements in detail, dynamics, vitality and rhythm across the range the company claim.

Improvements include advanced shielding and a completely new plug, which takes design cues from the flagship Sarum range. The Chord Company’s new ABS VEE 3 (Vibration Eliminating Enclosure) RCA plug, fitted to each of the three models is said to bring  “significant sonic advantages” to the trio.

The VEE 3 plug uses a “new textured-finish, easy-grip ABS casing, featuring direct gold or silver-plated signal contacts. The signal insulation block is PTFE and the unique plating process improves signal transfer across all frequencies. VEE 3’s signal-return surround contact provides precise high-pressure contact with RCA sockets and the cable clamp, which combined with each cable’s design, minimises the changes to cable impedance that can have a negative effect on sound quality.”

The Chord Company interconnects are available in a wide range of factory terminations, including XLR and Naim and Quad-specific DIN terminations. Custom configurations and custom lengths are also available to order.


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