The configuration of the new sub is the same as the original award-winning Rogers AB1 where each subwoofer functions as a stand for the partnering LS3/5a. Each active subwoofer utilises two Rogers LS3/5a bass units.

Each bass unit is mass loaded with a specific resin to lower the resonant frequency and stiffen the bextrene cone. Stiffening the cone dramatically improves the low-frequency definition and bass attack.


Each subwoofer cabinet is constructed from 12mm birch plywood (the same cabinet material as used in our Classic LS3/5a) and houses a 50 Watt mono amplifier. Each amplifier is adjustable for gain, frequency and phase response. Depending on position and room acoustics, the amplifier can be tailored to match the listening room acoustics. The recommended connection is via the high-level input, using existing speaker cable and then jump links to the LS3/5a. Supplied in a satin black finish with matching plinths.

Hear the Rogers AB3a in Room 420, 4th Floor.

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