The UK Hifi Show Live is shaping up to be an excellent show, it celebrates the first show in its new home at Ascot Racecourse this weekend, 26th and 27th October.

There is plenty going on with industry personalities giving presentations at the show, including Heinz Lichtenegger (Pro-Ject Audio Systems), Peter Mackay (Magico), Tetsuaki Aoyagi (DS Audio), EveAnna Manley (Manley Labs), Hideto Watanabe (Eclipse TD), Benno Baun Meldgaard (Raidho), Bruno Putzeys (Kii Audio), Conrad Mas (AVID), Peter Gabriel (Avantgarde Acoustic), Gabi Rijnveld (Crystal Cable) and Jozefina Lichtenegger (E.A.T.).

Lyn Stanley Sings Live

There will be live performances by international recording artist and Jazz Vocalist of The Year 2018, Lyn Stanley, who will be performing at the Frankel Bar on Level 4 and in suites 316-319 and 655-657 over the weekend.


Matthias Böde from German Hifi magazine, Stereo, will be presenting a special series of Workshops. Can you hear the difference between MP3, WAV and FLAC files? Want to compare a trio of alternative MC pick-ups, or explore the same recording replayed via CD, Tidal-MQA and vinyl? Whatever the Workshop, Matthias has it covered!


If you love vintage Hifi gear then look out for Tim Jarman’s seminars in suite 658-660 (Level 6, Core D) to enjoy some choice examples of Hifi from yesteryear assembled into a complete system. Show-goers will also have the chance to hear Organiser and EISA President Paul Miller discuss the future of music and Hiffi before joining special guests Michael Fremer and Ken Kessler as they each spin some records!

There are 60 rooms of exhibitions with over 150 brands, here are just some of the highlights of what you can see and hear this weekend…and if you can’t make it, Hifi Pig will be bringing you a fantastic show report to read at your leisure afterward!

Exposure & Kudos Audio

The UK Hifi Show Live 2019 will be the official launch of the new Exposure VXN active crossover and power supply, this will be driving a pair of Kudos Titan 505 stand mount loudspeakers. The source will be the XMCD, 5010 pre-amp and 4 x XM9 Mono Amplifiers. You will find Exposure in rooms 227/228.

Kudos Audio are also running the Exposure VXN active crossover and power supply in their room, with their Titan 707 floor-standing speakers. They are also using a 5010 pre-amp and 4 x 5010 Mono Amplifiers. Visit rooms 301 and 302 for a a chance to enter their competition to win a pair of Kudos X2 loudspeakers and AudioQuest cable bundle worth over £2,000!


Kerr Acoustics & Sound Fowndations

Jes Kerr of Kerr Acoustics is bringing a ‘Hot Rodded’ pair of his K300 speakers, featuring Alpha S-14 internal cabling and ancillaries from Furutech. You can hear them in the Sound Fowndations rooms, 224-225.

PLiXiR & Melco

PLiXiR’s range of AC and DC power products and accessories is now available in the UK for the first time, following a deal with Melco Audio’s Surrey-based distributor Audiophile Digital Music Masters (ADMM).

Starting on November the 1st, ADMM will be offering a select range of PLiXiR power conditioners, plus a number of standalone DC power supplies to upgrade the performance of those Melco Audio digital music libraries and accessories with external universal power supplies, including the N100 library, D100 CD disc drive/loader, the new S100 data switch and the E100 expansion drive (the flagship N10 already benefits from an external linear power supply).

The selected PLiXiR products include the Elite BAC (Balanced AC mains) range: Elite BAC 150, 400, and 1500; both Cube BAC models: Cube 8 BAC, plus the Elite BDC (Balanced DC mains) power supply in 2-, 4- and 6-amp configurations.

PLiXiR will be making its UK debut in Melco Audio’s room at this weekend’s UK Hi-Fi Show Live 2019 (room 637/638), where Melco will debut their S100 Data Switch

Kog Audio & Lotus Hifi

In conjunction with Lotus HiFi, Kog Audio will be show-casing a system including Electronics from Tidal Audio and Vitus Audio, Loudspeakers from Tidal and Vimberg, Stillpoints ESS rack and Ultra resonance/isolation devices and Tellurium Q cables from their statement range.

This will be the first time that Tidal Audio is exhibited at a UK show. Kog and Lotus will be in Box No.1 on level 2.


Nearly three years after the release of the K1, the first all-in-one digital player in the flagship Grandioso series, ESOTERIC is launching its successor, the K1X, making its European debut at The UK HiFi Show Live 2019. One of the headline changes is the switch from the VRDS-NEO VMK-3.5-20S transport of the K1 to the newly developed VRDS-Atlas mechanism. Plus the inclusion of ESOTERIC’s new, MQA-compatible Master Sound Discrete (MSD) Digital to Analogue Converter.

ESOTERIC K1X CD/SACD Player is £36,200 and will be in the Long Box Suite, 242-244 (Level 2, Core D). The rest of the system will be:

ESOTERIC C1 Stereo Preamplifier – £33,000, ESOTERIC N-01 Network Audio Player – £18,300, 2 x ESOTERIC M1 Monoblock Power Amps – £18,000 (each), ESOTERIC G-01x Master Clock Generator – £18,000, All Power and Cabling provided by Shunyata: Power cables (Sigma and Alpha), Interconnects (Sigma) and Power Conditioning (Denali 6000/T and Hydra Alpha A10). Speakers provided by Raidho. Equipment stands provided by Lateral Audio.

Chord Company

Chord Company will be demonstrating a number of new and recently launched proprietary-technology, UK-made cables at this weekend’s UK Hi-Fi Show Live.

Chord Co will be launching its new (and unannounced*) EpicX speaker cable, demonstrating its recently introduced flagship ChordMusic Digital interconnect and range-topping SarumT speaker cables, plus formally launching the new August-announced Epic USB interconnect.

Chord Company will be revealing the benefits of its award-winning technologies, including its proprietary ARAY, Tuned ARAY and Super ARAY conductors, plus its exclusive Taylon and (newly launched) XLPE dielectric, which can be found in the new EpicX speaker cable, throughout the weekend.

The company will have two sites at the event: a dedicated listening/demonstration room (649-650, Level 6, Core D), plus a stand at the Frankel Bar (Level 4, Core A-B). Chord Company cables have also been chosen by a number of leading manufacturers and can be heard in numerous rooms, including Chord Electronics’ Windsor Forest suite, where the flagship ChordMusic cables will be on duty.

To download the show guide PDF in low res click here

Keep an eye on our Hifi Show section for the report!


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