The Virtual Audio Show (TVAS) will take place from Monday 7th September to Friday 9th October 2020, and Monday 8th February to Friday 12th March 2021, with participating companies taking virtual rooms where they can introduce new products, demonstrate and announce products via video presentations, and link through to their product pages.

The last couple of weeks have seen indefinite postponements and cancellations of many Hi-Fi and Audio events around the globe. Add to this the understandable anxiety of the general public about visiting physical events of all kinds, and we have a situation in which The Virtual Audio Show becomes ever more vital to the Hi-Fi and Audio community. A virtual audio show cannot replicate the wonderful experience of a physical show, and our virtual event is not intended to do so. What we are able to offer is a “location” for exhibitors to engage with current and future customers in a way that is inherently different from magazine or interview scenarios.


Visitors to TVAS will access rooms via floorplans split over several virtual floors…just as they would navigate around a physical audio show. We have purposefully kept the interface and navigation of the show simple and uncluttered to allow the limelight to fall firmly on exhibitors’ rooms and their products and presentations.

TVAS Website & Facebook Group

TVAS has its own standalone and dedicated website so that visitors are focused purely on the event and exhibitors’ rooms. We also have a Facebook group where exhibitors and visitors alike can share their experiences of the shows and we hope that this social aspect of the show will go a good way to make visitors feel part of an event in a more physical sense – we are clear in our belief that TVAS should not be an event that speaks only to people already involved in the Hi-Fi/Audio world.

Music & Seminars

Both Standard and Deluxe rooms are available to exhibitors along with the ‘Media Marketplace’, for sellers of vinyl, tapes, and other physical media. ‘The Front Row’ will keep visitors entertained with the best seats in your house for musical entertainment, whilst in ‘The Auditorium’ visitors will have access to interesting and informative seminars and lectures.

Contact & Further Information

As a prospective exhibitor, please contact for further information, and to book.

And for all those interested in the show, as an exhibitor or visitor, join the facebook group here.

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