Munich is a truly stunning city with amazing architecture and there is nothing I like more than wandering around a city armed with a camera…it is the perfect way to get to know the place.MUNICHLOGOSQUAREMERRILL1

The underground system is excellent and aside from getting you to the High End Munich Show it can wiz you around to different parts of the city safely and efficiently when your feet start to get tiered!

The Marienplatz is the main square in the centre of Munich, you are bound to end up here at some point so take a chance to stroll around, look in the shops and admire the buildings.

It was originally where the market was held and is the place where Munich’s two town hall’s.  The Alte (old) Rathaus was practically destroyed in WWII and then rebuilt so strangely it looks newer than the Neue (New) Rathaus which also houses the Glockenspiel Clock.  The clock puts on a show when it chimes at 11am, 12pm and 5pm and the figures spring into action.

The square is named after the column which is is topped by a statue of the Virgin Mary.

The Viktualienmarkt is where the Munich market moved to and is perhaps the most stunning market I have ever visited, even if you are not shopping it is a feast for the senses featuring lavish displays of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, bread and flowers.

There is a beer garden in the centre and a traditional Maypole and numerous small bars and cafes among the stalls selling food and drink.

It is open Monday to Saturday.

A perfect place to shop, browse, eat, drink and people watch.

I am yet to make it to the English Garden which was Europe’s first urban park, so I am hoping for some time off coinciding with sunny weather when we visit Munich this year.

The English (Englischer) garden is so named as the landscaping follows the English style of gardening, with winding paths through ponds, meadows and woods.

There is of course a selection of beer gardens for refreshments and also a Chinese Tower.

You may also see surfers on the rapids and apparently it is fine to sunbathe nude here!

The Olympic Park was built for the 1972 Olympic games and is now a popular tourist attraction with lots to do including the possibility to walk over the stadium roof and an incredibly high Olympic Tower to go up….owing to Mr Hifi Pigs aversion to heights we will probably give this a miss!

The Frauenkirche is Munich’s main cathedral and is another building that was badly damaged in WWII and restored since.

It features twin domes and stunning stained glass and also the Devils footprint where the Devil was said to have stamped his foot in rage when he was trying to steal the soul of the builder of the church.

There is plenty to discover so try and get out and about if you have the time…more information here from the Munich Tourist Board.



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