Thore Pfeiffer is a young German producer who first came up on my radar on Kompakt’s excellent Pop Ambient album we reviewed back in October of last year. This is the second artist album to come from the Pop Ambient compilation series that is so carefully curated by label head honcho Wolfgang Voigt.

Im Blickfield follows the Pop Ambient aesthetic remaining avant-garde enough to remain interesting, whilst being accessible enough to not be just one for the beard strokers out there.

Im Kreislauf Der Dinge, the albums fourth tune reminds me of Pink Floyd for some reason, though I can’t quite put my finger on why that should be. There is a general feeling of pastoral psychedelia throughout the album.

Pfeiffer’s tunes are pretty stripped back affairs and rather than building layer upon layers of samples he goes for a more simplistic approach that is both hypnotic and thought provoking. There’s not masses going on but what is there is carefully crafted to create pieces that evoke a feeling of introversion and calm that comes before a storm of activity.

“During production, I always had these images in mind, of a hunter sitting in his deerstand, contemplating his extended field of vision”, Thore explains. “He’s got a lot of time at his hands to  muse about things and take in the silence before the storm”.

Out on Kompakt May 25th


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